Multifunctional and easy – these words can describe well-chosen purse. Life without this important accessory imaginable, even ancient people, that we talk about modern people. Plain, suede, with colourful prints or classic leather – market offers various models.

Today purse has ceased to be just an accessory. More and more people using your wallet try to demonstrate your taste and status. But often incorrectly selected purse can spoil even the most thoughtful image. As of the whole offered variety to choose a purse, which maximally satisfy the needs and will last as long as possible?

Как правильно выбрать кошелек: практические советы3
The most important aspect that you should focus your attention – the material of purse. Forgery of leatherette, widely represented in many stores may look attractive, but not different in quality and quickly lose their views.
Genuine leather

Leadership on the market of accessories belongs to the wallets of genuine leather. The distinctive properties of such models is the reliability and durability. Choosing such wallets, do not be surprised high cost, because natural skin since ancient times, is valuable.

Ecological leather (synthetic material)

For consumers who can not afford expensive branded purses, manufacturers have created a model of ecological skin. For the manufacture of ecology the fabric is applied to a special polyurethane film, so the material is safe and does not emit harmful substances. The purses of ecology completely harmless, and durability are second only to the natural skin.

Artificial leather

If you love to frequently change purses and prefer a cheap model, you should pay attention to products from leather or artificial leather. You can forget about the durability and strength, such purses wear out quickly. Just a couple of months, you may notice scratches or cracks on the material.


The cheapest and less practical shopping bags are made of textiles. Such models often have a striking appearance, which eventually loses its appeal. The textile purses very quickly spots appear. Such purses last a maximum of six months. When buying purses textile prefer models, covered with water-repellent layer. This surface wallet a little lifespan.

Capacity purse
Как правильно выбрать кошелек: практические советы
A very important role when choosing a recipients’s purse plays functionality and capacity of the model. Successfully chosen purse should have all the necessary departments. Often the cheapest models no pockets for credit cards and departments for coins are not convenient. So do not rush when buying a purse. First, check the presence of all necessary departments.

The size and shape of the purse

Most models purses can be purchased in three sizes: small, medium and very large. Which one to choose, you decide. But the form still worth a look.

Purse with two folds. One of the most convenient options, as such purses are distinguished by several departments.

Wallet with a metal clasp. Such models are widely represented in the fashion collections and is more appropriate for women.

Purse-cover. Such models allow wear notes, but may not have pockets for coins.

Long wallet without folds. Perhaps the largest type purses, having bend. These models can be attributed purses and clutches.
In conclusion, check favourite purse on the integrity of all mechanisms – buttons, zips etc

Considering all these factors, you can easily choose a purse, which not only will last as long as possible, but will become part of your style. Because, as you know, little things complement the integrity of the overall image.

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