For lovers of travel and active rest, thermos – irreplaceable thing. This vessel will allow to preserve the necessary temperature drinks or food, provided that he is of good quality.
Как выбрать качественный термос? 3
To buy a good bottle is quite simple. For this rather stick to the following rules:

  • Than bulkier model thermos, the longer it will keep heat;
  • Selected thermos is recommended to check for the presence of defects – cracks, dents, scratches;
  • The diameter of the neck of the flask should be narrow, so the content is longer stay hot!
  • Tube must be sufficiently tight because it may lose up to 40% of heat;
  • Quality thermos doesn’t have to have specific smells neither inside nor outside. If there is a strange smell, then most likely in manufacture used materials of low quality;
  • The bulb should adjoin densely to the base, if it moves, so it is likely to be broken by the first drop. It is preferable to choose a thermos with a fixed bulb;
  • You can test the thermos, pouring hot water into it. If after several minutes external housing warms up, it can be concluded that the bottle has not coped with their task;
  • Quality thermos should have a packing, which is clearly specified by the manufacturer, its data, and data protection;
  • It is necessary to pay special attention both to the manufacturer and the country, it may well be that the data are not true and you low-quality fake;

Как выбрать качественный термос? 1
It is important to remember that not always the price matches the quality of the goods, and bought the most expensive thermos, you run the risk of disappointment. Therefore, it is recommended to test and explore the potential purchase any price category.

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