Going on the road is very important to choose a suitcase. Because it will be stored things that just wouldn’t want to spoil because of unreliable design or defective castle.

Is a Suitcase to buy not so simply. Large and small, fabric and plastic, the castles and zippers, yet with a different number of wheels – all this diversity is just confusing.
5 правил, как выбрать чемодан1
1.factory must justify itself. For those who rarely travels, there is no sense to buy too expensive case. If, however, are constantly moving and travel, it is better once to pay for quality, than after every third trip to buy a new one.

Size matters. For a family holiday is better to choose a set of suitcases, from very large to small. And the house easier to store, clasped in each other, and not have to search through a lot of other people’s things, in search of his Panama. For business trips more suitable not large suitcase that can accommodate a couple of business suits and clean underwear.

The suitcases bribing its reliability. But here you can miscalculate, not buying a quality product. Brittle plastic will crack when the first strong blow. So it is better to buy in shops. Textile bags and cheaper and easier. Ideal for transportation of exceptionally service, which does not break and is not deformed from possible damage.

Castigi must be strong and to keep the suitcase from accidental opening. If the lightning-the best plastic with large teeth, if castles, only metal.
5 правил, как выбрать чемодан
Camim maneuverable is suitcase on two wheels. For reliability, it is better to choose a suitcase with polyurethane wheels mounted on a steel axis and diameter of more than 10cm.

Following these simple tips, you can buy a sturdy and comfortable suitcase without any problems.

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