как выбрать купальникBefore the beach season is usually selected bathing suit that meets the requirements of the figures and the latest fashion trends. How to choose a swimsuit that will delight the novelty of the image and will allow even non-ideal figure to look stylish and feminine? Selecting a swimsuit is not as complicated as it may seem when confronted with reality in the form of a huge variety of models.

You should always start from the shape type, the features of which you want to adjust, and then to pay attention to fashion trends.


How to choose a swimsuit on the figure

With each new season, in which designers beachwear and accessories introduce new models swimwear, the choice becomes easier and more diverse. What previously seemed to be a lack of figures, suddenly dignity and easily decorated fashionable swimsuit. For example, if you have a wide waist, and you complexes, looking for the Conjoint model, which was not in the trend, suddenly on the podium displays the range of such swimwear in retro style, and it turns out that girls with forms some of the options fit much more than a skinny bathers.

Rule selection from year to year does not change – disadvantages hide, dignity underline.

What exactly will search trends.

What swimsuit to choose for a figure with broad shoulders? If your data is close to the parameters of professional swimmers, need a swimsuit that does not focus on this especially with wide straps with a wide round neckline. Best swimsuit – asymmetrical one shoulder, he pulls silhouette, and shoulders become visually already.

Small Breasts should not drown in the bra with the effect of push-up, choose model neck or classic version, as well as trikini or swimwear fused with support inserts. Big Breasts requires good support. Suitable swimwear in retro style with strapless bodice type balconette or classic, bodice, which is tied wide straps behind the neck, providing normal bust support.


How to choose a swimsuit for full

Wide waist with a flat stomach is an indication for models trikini with a strip of tissue connecting the bodice and panties. If there is a common weight, wide waist and fat on the abdomen, then it is better to stay on a Conjoint swimsuit with print-snag – a narrow strip of contrasting color in the middle.

Another trendy option swimsuit for protruding belly – model in retro style with the panties,shorts with a high waist. To draw attention away from imperfections of the waist, panties must be sufficiently dense tissue and possibly vertical print in the abdomen, for example, real lace or patterned imitation.

Wide heavy thighs and buttocks is an opportunity to shift the focus to the top of the swimsuit, choosing pants that completely cover this area. If you have chosen the retro-style, give up the frills along the edges of the panties. The easiest way to divert attention from the lush hips to choose dark bottom and light or bright top.


How to choose a sentence swimsuit

If you think how to choose the right swimsuit for the pool, then most likely you need to stay on a Conjoint swimsuit. Sunbathe in the indoor pool will not have, and if you visit the swimming pool in the framework of the program of training for health or for weight reduction, you have to actively move. So a single bathing suit you need – it is convenient and versatile.

All the principles are the same as for the selection of swimsuit for the beach. Broad shoulders, an asymmetric swimsuit one shoulder. If you want to hide full hips, but you have expressed slender waist, prefer or models trikini with shorts or classic fusion leotard with stripe print in the middle.

If you want to visually elongate the silhouette, choose a sentence swimsuit area bodice with deep V-neck with straps behind the neck. Spin fusion swimsuit can be fully open, with a cut to the buttocks, if you have a slender figure, but if you are overweight and on the back fat rolls, give preference to a fully closed models.


Fashionable print when choosing a swimsuit

To get a fashionable bathing suit, you can bet on the print, and then you will receive the latest model, even if it is a classical and outwardly unremarkable design. In 2014-2015 very popular print peas, who took over the baton from the design in retro style. Retro swimwear is still relevant, but the peas makes a fashion model, any type – as Conjoint and disjoint.

An increasingly popular combination of different prints, for example, cells and strips, peas and stripes, floral and graphic patterns. This compound prints can appear in one area of the swimsuit, so be split – peas for the bodice, and a strip to panties.

Animal prints will be relevant for a long time, especially reptiles and leopard. The snake, the crocodile, and also the pattern Zebra or tiger color will make your bathing suit fashion, allowing you not to get lost either on the beach or in the pool, regardless of what your shape and what type of bathing suit you choose.

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