Very soon there will come a series of holidays, including Defender of the Fatherland day. But now we must think about what to present to your man on this special day. For many women, the choice of a gift is a big problem as trivial things give’t want to.
The choice of a gift for a loved one is a little easier than the choice of gifts for colleagues and friends. Loved one, knowing his preference gift you can buy Casio watch , and the hours will be an original gift. But what about the colleagues, friends and family?
Как выбрать оригинальный подарок ко дню Защитника Отечества32
Here, too, need to be creative and to buy small gifts, such as a beautiful pen or a diary in a good book. Gift should be packaged in the pretty wrapping and make a greeting card.

Do not forget that the highest rating possess gifts, hand made. This can be a postcard with the embroidered pattern with military subjects, funny pillow, made in the style of patchwork, or unusual bauble, carefully knitted scarf.

Undoubtedly, any gift you can beat. For example, there are now very many fond of sewing dolls. If a man has a direct relation to military service, you can make lovely doll – General. Believe me, such a gift will be proud, proudly showing it to friends.

Not less important gift for a man becomes, such as a flashlight, or a beautiful compass, if he likes to hunt and gather mushrooms. For the avid fisherman, of course, the most pleasant gift will tackle or a set of hooks.
Как выбрать оригинальный подарок ко дню Защитника Отечества3
In choosing a gift for men, women have to be to show extra creativity and ingenuity. If it is enough for them to buy women bouquet of flowers and a box of chocolates, then buying a gift for them, women are worried and worried, do they need to taste selected gift.
Please don’t forget about the gala dinner to cook his favorite dishes, take care about wine and soft music.

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