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Как выбирать детское компьютерное креслоHello all.

Unfortunately now it is very rare for a child with a book in hand – now any paper literature successfully replacing the computer and the Internet with which you can draw any information.

Moreover, now almost all school curricula do not do without the use of the Internet.

Therefore, the baby just need to organize a comfortable work area, in particular choose the right computer chair or stool.

If the child is «the first-grader», it is still unusual to sit for a long time. Therefore, in this case it is better not to acquire computer chair with the presence of wheels. Most likely, the child of this age will use this seat is not quite on purpose – it may change in качелю, and in the car. But with such a treatment is unlikely to computer chair should «live».

If the kids are a little older, you can give preference and adjustable seat on the rollers. Such modern models of a system of hydraulic lifting. Is used immediately and gas lift, by which regulated height of the chair.

Thanks to this chair when planting is provided with an excellent depreciation. As a rule, the backs of them have anatomical shape, ensuring proper maintenance of the child posture. In current models can also change the height of the backrest and seat depth. Buying a chair remains only to determine the weight is designed for this product.

Design, material and colour

Sidushka computer chair shall be fitted with a cover made of durable and breathable fabric. Such tasks will ideally cotton fabric, which will help avoid and cooling, and overheating. You can give preference and coloured upholstery, which will be decorated with images of certain fairy-tale characters.

Spider computer chair, usually made of plastic materials. Less common but occurs, use chrome or metallic basis. The radius of the cross should be about 530 mm or more – this will facilitate better stability. Also you can use special rollers which can hamper chair when boarding or getting up.

To finally determine the choice of the children’s computer chair, it doesn’t hurt to know the opinion of the child. Technical questions of convenience and comfort can take the parents, and as for appearance, here it is necessary to Orient on the habits and interests of the child.

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