The beauty of the hands depends on proper daily care. This could include the application of nourishing cream, herbal baths and massage. To improve its image, transforming the nails with varnish. It gives your hands originality and style. As salt lamps, the lacquer may have Zelenoe action that will help to maintain the health of your nails for many years. What to look for when choosing a nail Polish?

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How to distinguish a quality finish from a cheap knockoff?

Today the variety of varnishes will delight the most avid fashionista. In the stores you can find pearl and matte coatings, varnishes healing, chameleons, changing colour and other

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A good varnish should be perfect not only in composition but also in harmony with your image, go to the shade of your skin, lipstick, eye makeup. Buying lacquer, consider what activities you are going to apply. This can be a party with friends, where one cannot do without the bright colors, or a business meeting, a welcome restraint and light, pastel colors.

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Here’s what you need to pay attention when buying nail Polish:

  1. The vial. Never get lucky with ornate tubes, it is better to give preference to the traditional cylindrical shape. This is due to the fact that shaped bottles of lacquer fluid can accumulate in the corners, which is very inconvenient.
  2. The tassel. Her hairs should vary in length and can take the form of a cuticle, when you apply the varnish. Do not buy too hard or a soft brush.
  3. The consistency. Raise for some time the brush varnish, if a drop of it fall too long, then it suggests that he’s too thick to be uncomfortable.
  4. If your nails are too thin and brittle, you can get treatment varnishes that contain wheat, calendula, essential oils of orange and jojoba. If salt lamp is a good prevention of lung diseases, medical coverage is a good strengthen and protect nails from harmful substances.

Only the correct varnish can be a highlight of your image.

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