Как выбирать букет невестыAlong with other preparations for the wedding, choosing a bouquet for the bride and need to come with a special sense of taste, style and beauty. Indeed, this attribute of the wedding ceremony plays an important role in the whole solemn action: it is a joy and for bridesmaids and for the bride as the covering element for video and photo shooting.

And, by the way, fashion and harmonious combination apply not only to a bride’s attire, but also on floral design for your wedding bouquet.

A bouquet of flowers on their own stems

This method of assembling a wedding bouquet is the most simple. Thanks to him the opportunity of collecting the most simple variations. As a result, you get a round or teardrop bouquets.

The advantages of this build is the virtual absence in the supplementary material, so the bouquet is going fast enough, and therefore the work on its creation is paid is not expensive.

However, the stem of the bouquet should be wrapped with special tape to avoid soiling the hands and wedding dress with flower juice.Букет цветов на собственных стебельках

Flowers in the floral foam

Presents the floral foam with a plastic straw, which is placed inside a specific material is able to absorb water like a sponge and, thus, to nourish the flowers throughout the wedding celebration.

Such bouquets are also going long and in the hands to keep them comfortable enough. Flowers can hold their own as the stems and the wire. Last option is used for fixing heavy and large flowers.

Букет невестыEtapirovany the bride’s bouquet

In this case, the stems are cut flowers, and blossoms in a special way stronger on the wire. After this procedure all the flowers together, as in the case of ordinary bouquet.

Only the stem of the bouquet is formed only by the wire that should be carefully closed using special tape-tape.

The long wire Assembly bouquets that require the skill of the florist, the cost is quite high.

To avoid hassles related to the choice of bouquet for the bride, then you should think about buying it in advance and apply for this purpose in the floral shop, which is specialized in making wedding bouquets. This will help to avoid possible mistakes, poor choices and disappointments.

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