The choice of the UV lamp and gel nail Polish is facing many young manicure and women who have decided to refuse to visit beauty salons to save your time and money. The correct answer to find just enough to understand the range, offering the market currently.

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UV lamp for nail. Their varieties.

The principle of operation of all UV lamps are the same. They emitted ultraviolet light is reflected from a mirrored surface inside the device, so that its action is greatly enhanced. Therefore, using a UV lamp for nail to cure (dry) any material containing light-reflecting particles. Such are part of the gel nail Polish. The drying process may take several seconds or minutes depending on the power of the device.

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UV lamp for nails are 9, 36 and 54 Watts. The more power, the higher the cost of the device and the rate of polymerization of the coating.

When buying it is important to determine not only the power, but to decide whether a built-in timer or quite mode “infinity”. The other parameters of the UV lamp for nail (appearance, size, the presence of the fan) depend on the taste preferences of the buyer.

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Types of gel nail Polish.

To the selection of gel nail Polish must be considered with caution, for reasons of safety for health. The brand in this case is crucial, because the manufacturer with a good reputation provides assurance that after the manicure will not damage the nail plate and allergic reactions. Is gel nail Polish famous firms significantly more than the goods of unknown manufacturer. But as you know, health is better not to save.

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Recognized and proven by many masters of gel nail polishes are the products of firms CND, EzFlow, Orly, Jessica, ibd, ChinaGlaze, OPI, Hand and Nail Harmony Entity.

The product of each manufacturer differs composition, features of the application, feelings after coating and color palette. To choose the best gel nail Polish only practice will help.

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