Как выбрать оригинальные Изабель МарантHello. No one wants to buy a fake, especially when it comes to unique shoes Isabel Marant.

And rightly so – because of the originality of the product depends on its quality and ability to please its strength and wear resistance for a long period of time.

Unfortunately, not everyone who walks into a store, will be able to distinguish the original shoes of this brand from their copies. Therefore, the following criteria will help to cope with the selection of the original.

Attention to the box

Original shoes Isabel Marant will be sold only in one-piece original box, equipped with magnets. For opening such a box, you need to use the tape by pulling it. On top of the box should be written by ISABEL MARANT and the side of it must have a label indicating information about the model and the code.

Attention to the “tongue”

Original shoes will always be on the “tongue” to have a label and below it will show off transparent label, imprinted in gold. In the middle of the “tongue” must contain the country of origin – MADE IN PORTUGAL. The lack of stickers, labels and inscriptions speak about the forgery.

Attention to the material

Sew original sneakers use expensive and very soft lamb leather. Copies sewn from the usual hard leather, which cost much lower. Branded shoes will be high-quality wool lining, and in fakes there is a cheap synthetic lining. Insole original shoes will be marked with ISABEL MARANT, the same will be written on the sole. Didn’t have decals, or use different fonts.

Attention to the sole

The sole of the original has a repetitive pattern containing only one name brand ISABEL MARANT, will be the same size. The soles of fakes are “decorated” with three circles or other “frills”.

Finally, the original products of the brand can not be cheap, as for the production uses only natural expensive materials.

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