как правильно подобрать тональный кремHow to choose the right concealer for oily skin, light shade and it is desirable that he had a semi-transparent texture? Such questions often hear consultants, beauty shops, ladies are desperately trying to find a liquid Foundation that fits on several parameters. Leather have different preferences in texture and density tools, and therefore, selecting the tone to build on what you really need, then focusing on what you like.


Search compliance

как правильно подобрать тональный кремSearching for the right Foundation, many girls does not stop for a long time, and not only for reasons of self-picky to cosmetics and ambiguity preferences. The skin needs change during the year, the particular type can also vary over the life. Skin tone can also be changed during the year from pale to bronze porcelain tanned.

To have one tool for all occasions is impossible – it would not meet the requirements of the skin at a given period of time. Moreover, the cosmetic market is continually updated with new products, which not only amaze masking abilities, but also combine in the tone means more properties.

You need to have at least two toners, which differ from each other in texture, for example, for summer and for winter. Various options can be considered tonal creams, where one, for example, more dense and perfectly hides blemishes and redness, and the other has a light translucent texture has a light-reflecting particles that diminish wrinkles.


The choice of the cream according to skin type

как правильно подобрать тональный кремFor dry skin need a concealer with moisturizing and nourishing properties. If skin is very dry and dull, consider a formula with light-reflecting particles or soft silky radiance. Refrain from completely matte textures – skin look drier. Tonal mousses and creams-powder for dry skin are not suitable. If dry skin does not have any problems that need to be masked, i.e., wrinkles, redness, acne, then you can purchase tonal fluid that glides on skin with a light veil and blends with the skin.

For oily skin, which is nearly always problematic, and has a tendency to become hypersensitive due to constant irritation, pick up concealer, perhaps, the most difficult. Fortunately, many brands produce creams for oily skin, which mostly do not contain oils, but contain matting additive. Another property that you want to tone cream for oily skin – it should materbate and at the same time not to clog pores, otherwise there is a risk of provoking irritation.

как правильно подобрать тональный кремIf you have oily skin and acne, choose a cream with a lightweight texture without oils and matting properties and dense coating of the skin. The cream should be well pigmented, but not to have a heavy texture, with the merging of these properties, good vibes. If the skin is very oily and greasy Shine is a big problem, choose creamspowders or tonal mousse, which quickly distributed on the skin in a thin layer, turning into a matte finish that lasts all day.

Concealer for Mature skin with already existing signs of age-related changes (wrinkles and sagging) too difficult to find. The first thing to remember is you need to completely abandon heavyweight matte texture, which is driven into wrinkles, emphasizing them. For Mature skin are produced creams labeled anti-age or lifting, which provide the skin a good coating, masking wrinkles with the help of reflective particles, light effect lifting and nutrition vitamins and antioxidants throughout the day.

For normal skin to pick up concealer is easy. Here you can build on your own sensations varying textures. If there are no problems with shade, choose a classic creams with a light texture and effect of a healthy radiance. Summer can move on to the semi-transparent fluids or creams mousse with melting texture for fall and winter to choose more nutritious means.


Tint cream to skin tone

Not all women even having experience in the application of decorative cosmetics, know how to choose the right shade of cream and face mask looks, especially of Priya daylight. In the store before buying creams need to try the shade funds are not on the back of your hand, which can be moved with a light tan in on line lower cheekbones. A shade of cream should merge with the skin tone and rastushevyvaet without a trace, leaving the natural floor, and not a contrast mask.

If you have a warm color type appearance, you should consider creams with yellow shade from the soft sandy beige and darker. If you have a cool color type, your concealer should be a pinkish shade.

If you have very light skin, you never tan and, as is often the case, you are probably experiencing problems with the selection of tonal resources, where even the lightest shade on the skin looks unnatural. Choose light creams or fluids porcelain or ivory shades, which tend to adapt to the natural skin tone, perfectly merging with him.

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