Today there is a large selection of fabrics for jackets, in particular, women. Therefore, in their names is easy to get confused. First of all, you need to know what properties should have such fabric, and then find out and its composition.

The properties required jackets fabric:

  • Water resistant;
  • Ветрозащитность;
  • Crease resistance;
  • Durability.

Usually such fabrics are thin but dense of polyamide yarn. It should keep for a long time its original appearance.

And now more details about the names of the material and what is behind it.
Как выбрать правильную ткань для куртки3
Dewspo. Has good properties air leakage and wind protection. Impermeable inner decoration allows you to protect the fabric from dirt. When washing does not lose its original appearance, and dries quickly.

Jonardan. Fabric, which consists of 100% polyester. Has flown, smooth surface, which is resistant to abrasion. Jackets made of this fabric is easily worn and easy to care for.

Taffeta. Very durable material nylon or polyester. The inner side of the fabric cover polymer, which gives extra protection against wind and rain. Таффету used not only for jackets, but even for tailoring of tourist equipment.

Indura Ultra Soft. Fabric consists of 12% of durable nylon and 88% cotton, that allows to feel comfortable when wearing a jacket, and it is resistant to abrasion. Thing of this fabric will last 2 times more than usual.

When choosing fabric should pay attention to the color. Because, whatever the comfortable jacket, if the color and style of «gone», it’ll do no good and joy. The fabric should be pleasant to the touch, dense and light, in order not to hamper. All seams jackets should be smooth and well-stitched.

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