Every woman should look perfect. To achieve this she needs to properly care for themselves. An important accessory any handbags is nail Polish. His choice should be approached very carefully. Modern shops offer a wide range of nail polishes. Every lady must have a house in certain colors: transparent, bright, neutral and red. It is a transparent varnish provides protection to the nail plate, giving them a glow. Transparent base is the best option under bright varnish.

гель лак для ногтей 1For the occasion, such as departure on the nature, colorless varnish has no equal. Lucky neutral shades will go with any outfit. Beige, silver or pink lacquer is a good choice to suit any color. The woman who loves to wear different accessories, masters of nail service recommend gold or silver color. First of all, a neutral nail is designed to work. If it is applied correctly, it can persist for the entire week.

Everyone knows that gold is a liquid asset, which always brings profit to its owner. Expensive the purchase of gold on the plant can protect the buyer from counterfeit. In addition, the factories offer the widest selection of products from gold.

Использование шеллака для создания домашнего маникюра (3)

The bright lacquers are used to attract attention. Bright manicure will suit girls who want to be noticeable. The choice of varnish depends on the color of clothing and accessories. The color of the dress, hair, eyes, makeup tone should be in harmony with bright lacquer. Great effect of the bright colors of paint to produce an evening celebration or just a family meal. Unfortunately, when bright varnish will begin to crack, it is immediately noticed by others. In recent times black, maroon and dark grey manicure has acquired a special love among girls. Of course, the manicure in black color accentuates the hands, and therefore it is neutral. However, black lacquer with a brown set of clothes – a risky combination.

Most women excludes red varnish, considering it too vulgar. However, to date, red nails would be a good choice. To red lacquer harmoniously looked in the image, use a bright red lipstick. Well red manicure combined with clothing in neutral colours (grey or black).

Магнитный лак. Плюсы и минусы магнитного лака (2)

With a Matt lacquer, the way the women get noticeable restraint. Brilliant manicure experts advise to use on the evening activities. In determining the Lac should also take into account the shape of the nails and fingers. To make a sharper short nails will help dark varnish. Expand thin nails will help to achieve a bright Polish.

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