Variety of this item of clothing today is incredibly large, sometimes to choose just unreal. Choosing a petticoat for yourself, think first not of fashionable style and individual features of its shape.

Let’s try to understand subtleties of a competent choice of the skirt depending on your figure. The most important thing when choosing clothes is to find one shop that you trust, a good clothing boutique will never offer their customers a bad product, so buy skirts just there.

If you hurry, you better stay on the classic version of a straight cut, which is made of thick high quality material. This style easily decorate any figure, but if you picked the right size, he will even hide your problem areas and will be able to emphasize the contours of your silhouette.

This skirt is one of the best, it is attractive in appearance and has many varieties, so pick up is appropriate for you is not difficult. Straight skirt to the knee can be worn full women, shorter versions — this is something that will fit a short, skinny girls.

The pencil skirt closely hugs your hips, she narrowed down, there are many variations of this skirt, she can either demonstrate your knee or reach the middle part of the tibia. The cut of this skirt perfectly highlights the curve of your hips and legs.

Only if you have these body parts too narrow, it is unlikely that you should stay on this cut. If you do not know what to wear this skirt, it is best in this case fit blouse with voluminous and interesting solutions, such as collars or sleeves.

Waist perfectly accentuate a wide waistband. If you want to emphasize the difference between waist and hips, feel free to choose a Tulip skirt, she even will visually increase the distance.

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