Как правильно выбирать средство для умыванияDue to the large assortment of caring for a person means many women get confused when choosing a product. However, many have expressed a preference for a certain brand and successfully used its products. However, beauticians, it is recommended to periodically change the cosmetics to avoid habituation to her skin. And many women want from time to time to experience something new.

And those women who are still facing a choice, actually it is sometimes difficult to navigate in a large number of products. For example, many find it difficult in choosing the right “can and go for the face.

First, select the tool should match the skin type: normal, combination, dry, oily or Mature. This information can always be found on the label. If this rule is not observed, it may be caused heavy damage to the skin condition.

For example, if you have dry skin apply aggressive mousse, you may receive the irritation and peeling. The use of too soft foams designed for dry skin, will not provide good cleaning and matting oily skin. The choice of soft money also contraindicated after recent facial laser hair removal.

Selection of can and go” effect and the time of year. Winter is not recommended to use too abrasive cleaners, or perhaps an injury plagued by the cold weather of the epidermis. Conversely, in summer, clean the pores need, as best as possible.

An important condition is the focus on the individual components of the tool. Of course, it is better to use natural products to avoid allergic reactions. For starters, you can make a trial test on sensitive areas of the body (elbow, wrist) – if the Allergy is not apparent, the tool is allowed to use.

When buying this type of cleanser should focus on age. Packages should generally include the age interval for which suitable use of this product.

If we talk about value, not always expensive tools are the best. You can give preference to domestic and foreign producers producing good herbal cosmetics, affordable.

And, finally, does not hurt to consult with a competent seller-consultant and beautician that will help in making the proper choice.

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