как правильно выбрать зубную щеткуWe all know that it is recommended to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, but here’s how to choose a toothbrush? Useful tips to help you choose a suitable option for you.


Which is better: regular or electric toothbrush

Mechanical toothbrush will be enough if you know how to brush teeth in a circular motion, moving along the tooth row, within a few minutes. The main advantage of mechanical brushes – low price. Moreover, this brush is handy on any trip, because the electric brush depends on the batteries, which at any minute could be discharged.


Brush, with bristles which better

For people who have no particular pathologies, it is recommended to use a soft brush with very thin bristles. Hard brush may damage tooth enamel and gums, which can lead to dental and aesthetic problems.


What is the advantage of electric toothbrush

At the same time cleaning the electric toothbrush removes more plaque than a manual. Moreover, it requires less effort. Some electric toothbrushes have a timer that allows you to observe the correct brushing time. Children from 7-8 years maybe even be easier to use this brush as the dexterity of their hands inferior agility and ability adults.


What is the disadvantage of electric brushes

First of all, an electric toothbrush is much more expensive than usual. Some people have vibration can cause discomfort. An electric brush is heavier than mechanical because of the batteries, which may be a disadvantage for some older people. However, it is very comfortable to hold due to the large handle.


What is the difference between the electrical brushes

The first electric toothbrush made vertical movements. New electric toothbrush more effective: circular the brush head rotates around its axis, carrying out a movement in three directions, removing, thus, more plaque. There are also electric brushes with high sound frequency, but their efficiency is not yet understood. Experts do not recommend using cheap and less effective toothbrushes battery powered.


What model toothbrush to choose for the child

The best option for the child will be a mechanical brush with soft bristles, which you can start to use from 12 months without using toothpaste. Mechanical or electric toothbrush Junior is equipped with a small head in accordance with the size of baby’s mouth. From 7-8 years electric brush can help a child to spend less time to brush your teeth. Besides, this activity can take place in the form of a game, for example, in the buzzing brush it is possible to catch a tune.


Are there toothbrushes in certain situations

During pregnancy, increases the risk of gum disease due to hormonal changes. If the gums bleed, is swollen or sore, it is better to use a brush with bristles 15/100 mm.

After surgery in the oral cavity, dentists recommend the use of the brush with thinner bristles 7/100 mm, it will ensure a painless procedure brushing. If you have painful gums, you can use a brush with bristles 15/100 mm, and in the time to return to your normal brush.

In case of hypersensitivity of the oral cavity, it is recommended to brush your teeth electric toothbrush Oral B sensitive head or a conventional mechanical brush with very thin bristles. Please note that it should not be long to use these brushes, as they are not well brush my teeth.

People who wear orthodontology devices, can use the aforementioned brush with ultra fine bristles or brushes planted with special bristles that easily penetrate between the loops.

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