Marriage celebration is one of the most pleasant, important, interesting and cheerful days in the life of any person. In many countries and cities of the word «tamada» and «wedding» are inseparable, like the bridegroom and the bride. If in your thoughts marriage means laughter and joy to your address, because some of the окольцовка without a cheerful mood? However, not everyone knows how to find a suitable spring positive for this important rite, we consider the following lines, written in the help correct decision:
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1) Locate and collect feedback on the toastmaster, and as much as possible. You can help friends, forum, wedding portals, and just sites. Do not be lazy, and ask Internet users, relatives and friends. Do not take to heart the reviews type «Wow, everything was so cool!!! It was the best day in my life!» or «why did I ever chose tamada? It was a horror, not the wedding!», after all what did not have to taste one, may be what you need. If you have found any reviews specify had to taste or Vice versa, because in recent years much of the feedback corruptible, and e – mail addresses non-existent.

2) Making a choice, you should get acquainted with the right person, to agree on all details and nuances. When meeting watch his appearance, manners of behavior and conversation. By the way, quite often it happens that the ad «tamada leading wedding» are contacts of a person, and if you go there, please call to arrange an appointment, you can send something completely different. So to say, be careful!
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3) mandatory ask the tamada show you a video of his work. If you will talk about gratitude spouses and show the pictures, it is not a guarantee that it is.

4) Find free and ready-made scripts. Ask the person to bring them before the meeting, talk on the phone.

5) Coordinate their preferences about the wedding.

A successful and fun you wedding!

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