как почистить кашемировое пальтоThings from cashmere require a very careful attitude on the part of the wearing and care. Some women don’t even wear cashmere coats every day, preferring for her special occasion. To this gentle hair was long, warm and didn’t lose its luxury appearance, it needs delicate care as possible to prevent stains and surface dirt. But how to clean cashmere coat, if trouble happened and stain delivered? For this there are several rules that you have to strictly follow, if you want long wearing his coat.


Home cleaning – with great care

как почистить кашемировое пальтоMany women used to wash cashmere coat in the washing machine on a delicate wash at a temperature of thirty degrees. Some manage after many washings to keep the coat in good condition, while others already after a single procedure note the formation of pellets, and the fabric looks as before, more worn, not so smooth. If the coat is bright and solid, there is a dilemma – try at your own risk machine or hand washing or to give as cleaning and leave the job to professionals.

Dry cleaning is not always available, and cashmere, you can try gently cleanse yourself at home, armed, first, the necessary means at hand, and secondly, patience and common sense. Cashmere is too expensive and delicate to put upon him the experiments on home stain removal.

For each type of pollution it is necessary to apply a separate substance, which is able to cope with it. What would be slick you did not remove, do not RUB strongly fabric, the more rigid brush – cashmere deformed irreversibly. To remove a stain it is soft promiscuously movements, and if you use the brush, it should be special. Issued brush to clean cashmere soft textured surface that does not violate the integrity of the fabric, but well-removes dust, large particles. It is good to use from time to time for General refreshment cashmere coat with daily wear.


Struggle with oily stains

Oil and other oily stains, you can try to uninstall cashmere coat gasoline or talc. If the coat is dark, it is better to use gasoline, if the light – talc. If you can handle the coat inside out, use gasoline. Soak in gasoline with cotton pad on the front side lay a piece of clean white paper or paper towel. Using a cotton pad, gently wipe the stain. Oil stain on a light cashmere immediately sprinkle talcum powder, gently placing the powder in the oil region. Leave it overnight and in the morning remove with a dry towel or brush talc, and the coat itself shake.


Alcohol and vinegar – quickly and easily

Ammonia is a good tool for removing contaminants from different backgrounds, it can be used to remove stains from dirt, tea, coffee. That ammonia is not absorbed into the fabric, and remained on the surface, removing her spot, cashmere use its mixture with glycerol. Half a teaspoon of ammonia connects with a teaspoon of glycerin and gently apply on the spot. Gently RUB the stain, then wipe this place brush dipped in soap solution.

If you put on a coat of stain from beer, to cope with them will help the vinegar, diluted in the ratio of one-to-one with alcohol. Also carefully promiscuously movements RUB the stain, then rinse with water solution.


Purification of difficult stains

как почистить кашемировое пальтоThe old way of eliminating fresh wine stains, salt can still be used to clean cashmere coat. Liberally sprinkle the stain with salt, allow to soak, then very carefully, not to leave stains on unaffected by the spot region, first remove the salt, then soak a cotton swab with a soap solution.

If the stain is difficult, already soaked, it means that there is each the kitchen, can not do, especially when we are talking about an expensive cashmere coat. In stores with a good range of household chemicals you can find products to remove stains from delicate fabrics, including cashmere. These shampoos and soft, but effective removers contain a greater concentration of oxygen and the active cleaning ingredients and do not contain chlorine, which allows them without fear for the quality of material used on expensive fabrics.


Proper care

To clean cashmere coat from stains better, hanging it over a hanger on the hanger, if you do not want to leave, for example, salt overnight. Using a special brush to clean cashmere and mild soap solution can be refreshed all the coat, removing the dirt from it. Crumbs, hair, pet dander remove using sticky roller, but in no case did not scrape the soft fabric of conventional brushes.

If after cleaning on the coat formed dents and creases, leave it overnight to hang in the bathroom with naparennyj hot water air. Cashmere smoothed, and coat again will be like new.

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