как почистить замшуSuede – the material is noble and beautiful, but very delicate: spot it appears even from the normal water. But whether it is this reason to abandon clothing or accessories out of this material? Having an idea how to clean suede in your own hands, can purchase a beautiful bag or shoes, without worrying that the thing will quickly lose the original beauty.


Features suede

Suede called a skin special tanning. Typically, it is impregnated with fat, which makes this material a particularly soft and plastic. The reverse side of the genuine suede is smooth, like normal skin, only very soft. The tenderness and nobility of the material and suede things the owners will have to pay relatively complex care for this material. Suede things afraid of the water, they eventually begin to Shine, especially on bends, can easily get dirty. Washable suede thing is impossible, so you have to go to the dry cleaners, but it’s pretty expensive.

Faux suede looks almost the same as this but has a woven base and is inferior to natural material from the point of view of plasticity. To care for faux suede little easier than natural – it easily starts to Shine, the surface can be stained.


What would it take?

как почистить замшевую тканьBuying suede shoes, a bag, gloves or a cloak, is to buy immediately and funds to care for this Moody stuff. Usually, Shoe stores offer a wide variety of sprays and creams especially for brushed surfaces. The purpose of such funds may be different: some of them clean the suede, other degreased surface, straighten the fibers, protects the material and gives it water repellent properties.

Best of all, of course, to buy all the products for suede, because they all can be useful. In addition, for the care of this material can be useful to rubber brushes (often also sold in Shoe stores) and regular erasers to erase the pencil drawings. But a metal brush and brush hard plastic is not recommended, as they easily damage delicate material.


Preventive measures

как почистить замшевый материалSuede easily absorb water, but for the benefit of the material is “water treatment” do not go: first, suede swells and then dries, deflates, its surface becomes rough and rigid, may change the shade of the material. So the first and foremost thing you need to do to prevent damage to suede things is to protect them from moisture. It is very desirable right after purchase to process the entire surface of the suede stuff with a special spray that gives materials water-repellent properties, but does not change the texture of the suede.

From dust, dirt (especially fluid mud) and contact with corrosive substances chamois, too, should be protected. This material requires special treatment. To collar suede jacket began to Shine ahead of time, you should wear this outerwear sweater high collar or you can use scarves, shawls and stoles.


Getting rid of spots

чистка замшиEven with very careful use of suede sooner or later begins to Shine on the bends or at the points of contact with the human skin. To return the original appearance to the material in this case, it is possible and in house conditions.

This will require a mixture of milk with baking soda. Milk is better to take warm, but not hot. Per Cup of liquid is placed a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate. This mixture in small amount is applied with a soft rubber brush to become shiny places and gently rubbed them. Then you need to wet the material is soft cloth and give the suede to dry completely. After drying, the surface is treated again with a soft brush.

Another popular structure for home cleaning suede is made from ammonia, diluted with water in proportion 1:2. Blend with a cotton swab is applied too heavily on shiny areas. The final touch is to wipe the treated areas vinegar solution (a teaspoon of vinegar in a glass of water, vinegar cannot be used).

Washable genuine suede in water is not recommended – so you can hopelessly spoil a thing. If suede just soaked in water, then very gently to dry in the open air or in the drier, but away from heaters or direct sunlight. It is very important to prevent the drying out of suede, therefore, the temperature for drying should not be high and the air too dry.

чистка замшевой одеждыAfter cleaning the shade of natural suede can change, especially if the staining material used unstable dyes. In this case, you can try to refresh the tone of the product, using a special dye designed specifically for suede. Use of other dyes, including those designed for fabric or leather, is inappropriate and may spoil a thing, to make the surface rough suede, and to deny its charming velvety.

To return the suede surface, soft and spread the hairs, flattened in the cleaning process, should hold the suede over the steam. After Stripping, the surface optionally is treated with a soft brush.


Caring for faux suede

Clothes made from faux suede and is washable too. But it can gently wash with warm water in which a small amount of diluted detergent for delicate fabrics. The solution is rubbed into the dream and becomes dirty rinse.

Faux suede, as real, don’t squeeze and twist. The maximum allowed things to get wet cloth, absorbent water. Dried products made of synthetic suede at room temperature away from direct rays of the sun. Although this material overdrying not as fatal as for its natural counterpart, it is better to avoid too dry rooms.

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