Pearls have always has the status of solemnity. It wore all secular beauty and ladies – in. At the present time such magnificence can afford any fairer sex. Pearls in the modern world can be dressed not only celebrations, but it is worn and in the everyday environment.

Minimalism is losing more and more of its force, came into fashion bright jewellery large sizes. This fact also applies to a pearl necklace, earrings, broham, rings and, of course, to bracelets. This type of bracelet of pearls to buy in the jewelry stores, specialty boutiques, and also in the Internet shops. Selection of pearl jewelry enormous, and artificial pearls sometimes do not distinguish from natural, and in some cases looks even more advantageous.

How to combine pearls and what to wear? For this reason, we should adopt the recommendations.
Как сочетать жемчуг со стилем одежды3
If the choice fell on pearl bracelet, there are variations can be a whole lot, but you should always remember that, dressing, bracelet, or ring we pay attention to hands, and it means the presence of manicure.

Types of pearl bracelets:

  • Single-sideband;
  • Multiband;
  • Mixed – where there are gems of different colors: from classical white, purple, light purple to dark brown and black, as well as different variations of sizes and shapes;
  • Bracelets with decorative elements (base metal);
  • Where pearls set in silver or gold (the most expensive jewelry).

Now you need to choose the style of clothing appropriate to a particular type of bracelet of pearls.

Business style. Can safely be supplemented decoration of pearl. For example, strict dress, or plain trousers with a blouse or a turtleneck good complement the bracelet all the above categories, except 5, since having expensive pearls require expensive luxurious dress. Business is best suited artificial pearls (which belongs to the category of expensive jewelry), for he shines and gives to the strict style of the necessary spark of brilliance.

To retro fit well pearls, because originally meant femininity, mystique. In this way it will be good to look bracelet of pearls all the 5 categories, and the image can also be supplemented by a string of pearls on the neck and pearl ring, and miniature handbag that attracts even more attention to the hands (the bracelet and ring).

The hippie style is distinguished by the bright colours of clothing here with pearls you can experiment all you want, with its color, shape, but its origin, most likely, should be the river or artificial. Will fit in all categories except 5.
Как сочетать жемчуг со стилем одежды2
Evening dress: from extravagant, to a minimum reserved. Here in the best way fits the category bracelets with precious metals (and, of course, categories 1,2,3,4).

Sports style, the style of punk and the military, perhaps make an exception, and in no way associated with pearls, although modern designers don’t skimp on the experiments.

It is important to remember the General rule for all styles and directions – the image should look harmoniously together with all the jewelry and accessories. Prefer contrasts or gentle tones, expression or classical style, but not the cost uvlekaetsya massive structures or stingy monotony in which even the bright bracelet will not help. Good luck in choosing the style and the appropriate accessories.

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