To get a harmonious way, the girl should pay attention to even such insignificant details as the color of the paint on the hands.
Light shades of nail Polish suitable for clothes of any color. Typically, such color is the color of coffee with milk, Nude, beige, and light yellow. These shades will look good both in summer and winter.
Как самостоятельно нанести гель-лак?3
When choosing a pink hue lacquer, you must remember that pink nails will be in itself an active element of the image of the girl. However, make the image more harmonious, repeat lacquer color in clothing. Despite the fact that pink can be a translucent color, this coat will look good with any wardrobe item. Inexpensive but stylish decoration of the bath is tile. Popular cersanit tiles will be a great decor for any bathroom. By using well-chosen tiles, you can visually enlarge the space several times, making additional alterations. The ideal time to use pink Polish – spring. With bright clothes pink lacquer will look like a glove. With regard to strict Trouser suits, as a complement of the image using the pink Polish is simply not allowed. The way it’s just way too frivolous.
Цвет лака и теней – сочетать или нет?4
Red is the color of bitchiness. This color lacquer suitable for things in white and black scheme. Also, the use of varnish is permissible in that case, if the image of the girl is from the use of the shade at the items of clothing. The red color gives confidence in their abilities.
Маникюр с применением гель лака3
Dark shades of varnish had long been considered to be something outrageous. Combine dark shades of nail Polish with elements of the wardrobe will not be easy. Add an image by using well-selected bags, belt and shoes.

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