Как очень вкусно приготовить сёмгуAll the good stay on my blog. And if You are reading this article then You either already are a good housekeeper, or she definitely will be soon.

And so, today I want to share with You the secret of making delicious salmon in foil, as in the restaurant.

Just note that salmon is expensive, but very very tasty treat. This red fish is full of omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients that are regularly necessary to use women. Buy the best salmon in fresh and not frozen. It is most advantageous to buy fish at the market in the fish Department. Cheaper and always fresh.

By the way, if You like to cook, where you will find a lot of interesting and delicious recipes for multivarki. Simple and delicious recipes — is an important component Arsene good housewife.

To cook salmon in foil, it is necessary, first, salmon, where to buy we found, and second, foil. Where to buy I am about to say. To buy cheaper foil large roll. Of course, it’s expensive, but it’s a lot cheaper than 10 metrovke.

A large roll of foil is best to buy at the store METRO, if in Your city there. Believe me, this roll will last for many years.

And so, the salmon, the foil is, start to prepare the dish. To do this, cut the salmon steaks and good proselyte each piece. It is better to leave to proslavilsya an hour.

And so, salt, now add black pepper, lemon juice and garlic. Press the garlic and RUB this mixture all over the fish. Now lay the foil, put gently slice, tightly wrap the envelope out of the foil and in the oven.

Рецепт приготовления сёмги в фольге

Cooking fish in the oven until crust formation. Top can be spread with mayonnaise or sour cream and put the cheese. Then the fish get under a cheese coat.

But cheese is better to put after that it slightly melted. By the way, by the same recipe you can cook salmon and trout, the result is also delicious (and cheaper).

The perfect garnish for this dish will be pasta or rice. In cooked pasta add the butter and sour cream that they came in a creamy sauce. And for the splendor of the table you can quickly cut the salad. And always, when you serve meat or oily fish such as salmon, it is better to give another and fresh salad. It can not even fill than it’s more fresh, the better.

On this I have all. If you have any questions or tips from personal experience, write them in the comments. Bon appetit.

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