Как справиться с семейными конфликтамиIf people live under one roof, conflicts and disagreements between them are inevitable. Quarrels can occur not only due to the fact that family members have different points of view and beliefs.

Sometimes they provoke misunderstandings and wrong conclusions. If you are confused and don’t know what to do with conflicts in the family, I have some suggestions for you.

1. Defend your opinion, if You are a man and accept someone else’s opinion, if You are a woman

In any family there is always someone who calms others in quarrels. When you are trying to prove you wrong and You are a man, do not give in, and learn not to stray from her point of view. Others don’t need you to command. Don’t forget that your opinion is no less powerful, and beliefs as other members of your family! Women’s position should be more gentle and patient in this matter.

2. Individual approach

To cope with family conflict is much easier if you know the individual characteristics of each member of your family. Don’t forget that the manner of handling disagreements with the mother does not work when the conflict with her sister, because they are different people with different personalities.

3. Not give away their position, if You are a man

So that other family members respect your opinion, never be afraid to speak their mind and not retreat from its position, even if the pressure is on.

4. Do not take sides in a drawКак решить семейный конфликт

Keep impartiality, even if you are embroiled in a quarrel between her parents. Most likely, both will try to pull you to their side, but in no case do not give in to provocations and stay out of the conflict if it does not concern you directly.

5. Be honest

Even if you disagree with someone from relatives, it is best to honestly Express their opinion, even if it will be perceived in bayonets than to be silent and fear aside.

6. Creative diplomacy

In the event of marital conflict, even if openly Express their opinions, be considerate of your family and be careful not to inadvertently hurt them too harsh statements.

7. Offer solutions

Why do people quarrel? To solve the problem. Therefore, when the emotions calm down, think and say how you can handle the situation peacefully.

8. Keep your distance

With heightened emotional sensitivity best (and sometimes only) way to deal with conflicts, not to participate in them. Unfortunately, some problems in a particular situation can really be unsolvable.

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