как правильно наносить крем вокруг глазThe skin around the eyes is always very delicate and sensitive, it needs to be especially careful care. With little to correctly choose a moisturizing and nourishing products, it’s important to know how to apply the cream around the eyes, so as not to stretch the delicate skin. Incorrect application of cosmetic products can cause premature wrinkle formation.


Especially around the eye area

Regardless of the features of the face, around the eyes the skin is always dry and sensitive. In this zone there are no sebaceous glands, and the skin is very thin, so the first wrinkles appear on the eyelids. And it can happen at a fairly young age – sometimes even in 25 years.

For this reason, the skin around should be initiated as early as possible. Years to 25-30 recommended to use light moisturizer, then you can move on to more intensive moisturizing and nourishing the delicate skin around the eyes. After 30-35 years, the time comes to anti-aging and delaying the aging process creams.


Common errors

Техника нанесения крема вокруг глазThe skin around the eyes requires delicate handling. It would seem that there is nothing difficult in applying the cream. But often women make blunders when applying the cream.

  • The first error – insufficient cleaning of the skin. Before you apply on the eyelids cream, you need to thoroughly wash off all the makeup and dirt. Otherwise, even the most expensive and effective cream will not only help to make the skin more beautiful, but can hurt;
  • The second error is too rich application. Many believe that the greater the amount of cream is on the skin, the better. But it is not so. The extra cream smother the skin, contributing to its overheating, skin worse absorbs nutrients. If too liberally apply the cream at night, then the result will be swollen, and possibly with bloodshot eyes in the morning;
  • The third mistake is too economical use of the cream. Means for eyelids are usually expensive and are sold in very small (10-15 ml) packages. The desire to “stretch” the precious cream for a long time it is quite clear, and yet the economy makes no sense. Too small portions of the cream does not provide the full care of delicate skin of the eyelid;
  • Fourth mistake – negligent infliction. The eyelid skin is very thin and easily stretched, so if you apply the cream not on of skin lines and how to hit, instead of the expected use of the tool will only bring harm;
  • Fifth mistake – intensive rubbing cream. The skin of the eyelid in any case, do not RUB, the movement should be very light, gentle.


Application technique

How should one apply the cream on the eyelids? There are a few rules that must be followed in order to care for centuries was the most effective:

  • The skin should be perfectly clean. After make-up removal means based on fat is necessary to wash off the remnants of these funds;
  • On the upper eyelid cream is applied in the direction from the nose to the temples on the bone;
  • You must take care that the cream did not get on the mucous membranes;
  • On the lower eyelid and the cream is applied in a direction from the outer corner to the inner eye as well through the bone;
  • First, apply tiny dots of cream, and then gently, gently with the fingertips to drive them to the skin;
  • The portions of the cream are driven into the skin of the upper eyelid from top to bottom, on the lower eyelid cream is distributed from the bottom up, i.e. you always have to move from the bone to the eye;
  • It is best to apply the cream eyeshadow middle and ring fingers tapping motion, in any case without stretching the skin;
  • Night cream should not be applied directly before you go to bed. It is better to end skin care is an hour and a half before bedtime. According to some experts, the best time for application of cream – 8 PM. Then the next morning won’t be unpleasant surprises in the form of swelling of the eyelids;
  • Morning cream is applied on the eyelids for 15-20 minutes before applying makeup. If to make up your eyes immediately after applying the cream, then makeover “float”, smudges.


What creams need?

Выбор подходящего крема для векThe choice of a suitable eye cream – not an easy task. Creams such there is a great variety: expensive and cheap, and not very effective, moisturizing and nourishing. Thick creams, non-greasy gels, light emulsion – form release means may also be different. There are creams that are designed to combat specific problems, such as circles under the eyes, wrinkles or puffiness.

In his youth, it is recommended to use a light moisturizing creams or gels. Gels are better able to cope with problems such as dry skin, but because of their high moisturizing properties of the gels are not recommended to be used for those who are inclined to puffiness of the eyelids. At this age is not so important, the cost of the cream, as its moisturizing properties. After 30 years of cosmetics eyeshadow should choose more than picky. Creams must ensure adequate hydration and nutrition delicate skin prone to wrinkles.

A few years later comes the turn of anti-aging creams with expensive ingredients. Such funds are usually not cheap, but the effectiveness of superior more affordable creams. However, as always, is much more important than thoroughness of care than the cost of cosmetics. Leather gratefully responds to gentle and regular care, so it’s best daily to properly use an inexpensive cream than once a week casually rubbed on the eyelids brand means.

Because the skin around the eyes is very sensitive, it is recommended to use to care for her only hypoallergenic means. Eye area cosmetics should not contain any fragrances. It is better if the number of preservatives will also be minimized.

Don’t need an eye cream to be too greasy best products have a light, melting the structure and quickly absorbed. Choosing daily eye cream, you should also make sure that he was protected from the sun (SPF 15 at least). And, of course, necessary to take into account individual characteristics of the organism: if the cream causes redness of the eyelids, inflammation, itching and other unpleasant symptoms, its use should be abandoned.

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