как создать образ в стиле смарт кэжуалThe image in the style of smart casual is a classic masculine style. But to create it harder than you might think. There are subtle boundaries, and failure to do so may ruin the whole image. Too many “smart”, and you’ll look like you just came from work. Too “casual” and you risk looking sloppy. Perfect the smart casual light and easy. Discover how to create an image in the style of smart casual.



The shirt is the Central item in this way. You will need a good selection of shirts in different colors istilah. Your first option should be the classic blue Oxford shirt. She never goes out of fashion and will work with almost all parts of the wardrobe. You can combine it with Chino’s and jeans or wear it with a jacket and tie. You can also choose a shirt without a collar, to create a more modern look. Finally, one or two plain or plaid shirt, worn correctly, will create a good image in the style smart casual.


The Chino

The Chino has long become an integral part of the style smart casual. They are stylish, classic and go well with any other clothing, including shirts. You can also wear with a classic Chino Polo shirt. The best colors are cream and blue. You get a simple yet timeless ensemble.



Jeans can also be included in this list, but with a big proviso. Jeans in this style should sit well on you. If this does not work, you eventually will look sloppy. Remember, the search for appropriate jeans may take a while. Make sure they are properly seated and in good condition. Avoid gaps and unfashionable now divorces.



The question of shoes is an area where style smart casual may not happen. Accessories – those elements that tie the whole look together. Do something wrong and the image will simply collapse. But you can’t go wrong with classic brown shoes. They are combined with jeans and Chino, plus they are very comfortable. If you need to dress up, to add to his chic, they look great with the dark blue suit. Try to pick a shade of shoes to the hue of the belt for the full effect.



You should avoid jackets and blazers, if you need style smart casual. But the cardigan creates a good alternative. Wearing an Oxford shirt, he can easily create a modern style smart casual. Again, be careful with the colors here. Stick to neutral tones such as blue and cream. Do not spoil the appearance of a bright cardigan.



In some cases a tie may just push you to the way in smart style. However, used correctly, the tie can add character and individuality in a casual style. Try to roll up sleeves and to add to the ensemble simple skinny tie. You can even create your own tie that matches your outfit. Just avoid the typical office and formal ties.

The image in the style smart casual exists outside of time, it’s casual, relaxed style. But despite this, it is not so easy to recreate. A careful balance of elements that must come together. Don’t worry, follow these tips and you will avoid a major stylistic errors.

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