Damaged on the hand the nail is, in General, commonplace and often no problem healing does not occur. But of course there may be serious damage that can not be taken lightly. Below we will try to understand how to treat trauma of the nail on his hand.

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To determine that the nail is damaged is quite simple, in addition to resulting in pain or sometimes even a strong surge, the nail can also change color, becoming dark blue, yellow or white.

If you see that the injury is small and apart from a slight blue in the face is nothing, you should only apply ice or something cold on it. Remember that the ice you can not keep on the hematoma, it every ten to fifteen minutes should be removed.
If you notice that the injury is serious, or you’ve already started bleeding, then you need to go as well as in the treatment of any other open wound.
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First of all, antispetic to treat injury, use iodine, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide. If there is iodine, make of it a grid and apply on the wound.

The nail, which is not left in the nail bed, gently can be cut, without causing yourself pain. But if the nail plate has been fragmented and stuck in the subungual region, then to fix it forbidden – it is best take traitant where you will provide the necessary professional assistance. Before going to the doctor, apply on the damaged finger bandage.

Even if it’s badly damaged and a large abundance of blood is not always required to remove the nail. The doctor can also remove the hematoma. For this purpose, in the nail make a hole using a special medical tool. Then remove the accumulated blood.
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If you cut the nail, you will have to remove one of its parts. Operation is required only when part of the nail penetrated pokoju.

Don’t forget to carefully care for the wound, if you do not want to complication or some kind of infection. If to properly handle a damaged nail, after healing, no trace will remain, so women should not worry that the injury will leave a cosmetic defect.

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