Готовимся к свадьбе – украшение зала цветамиCreating a festive mood during the celebration depends on the environment in which it takes place. Today the holiday is often celebrated outside the home is comfortable and convenient. Wedding celebrations are now widely in restaurants and cafes.

To make your holiday truly successful, you can enjoy festive decorations and flowers then you can not do. Professional florists know exactly how to give the festival a highlight, through their efforts that your wedding will be truly unique.

However you can take care of the design space, according to his own taste.

When making a cafe or restaurant for the wedding you must consider two simple rules. First, the flowers purchased for decorations and create a special atmosphere, which means they should be visible to guests. Secondly, they don’t have to disturb anyone: neither the service personnel holding food and drinks, no fun to guests during dancing and competitions. Read wedding news and keep up to date with the latest wedding trends.

Work on the decoration of the Banquet hall flowers requires imagination and good taste. Enough to be able to buy assorted bouquets and to place them everywhere. Your task is to create a harmonious ensemble, which will emphasize a joyful and exciting atmosphere of the wedding. Of course, all the flowers should be fresh, after all, faded and peeling off the petals are unlikely to add to the celebration of the highlights.

Picking up flowers for a holiday, consider the interior of the premises, they must be in harmony and complement each other. Let the plants stress and overall style of the wedding – it can be soft and romantic or bright and passionate. In the latter case, you can experiment with unusual and exotic plants.

Основы свадебной флористики

Pay special attention to the selection of bouquets for a holiday table. Flowers should fit well into the setting and not to block guests from each other. So in this case it is better to refrain from large sprawling compositions.

As for wedding decor usually requires many colors – you will probably even get a discount on a large order. These savings will free up some cash and allow you to pay for the services of a professional florist. If you are determined to decorate the hall yourself, contact the person at least for advice. This will help avoid embarrassing mistakes.

Sometimes not considered by us, small things can ruin the whole atmosphere of the holiday. So, the colors too bright and with a strong flavor not so much will fill the air with fragrance as you provide guests with a headache, and dishes will give a monotonous taste. Therefore, avoid fragrant plants, especially when making tables for the Banquet.

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