Как выработать уверенность в ребенкеOften parents have to protect kids from everything, comes to the fact that even in a fairly adult children parents seem helpless and unable to do anything. Parents walk them through each step and always in control of any, even the smallest activity of the child.

Thus, it appears that the kid completely loses initiative and it grows into a very modest and diffident personality. Every small child has specific talents, the job of the parents to find them and to help the child in their development.

Many parents never want to accept that their child really is an average kid, not a genius or Prodigy. No one disputes that all parents think their child is the most special creature in the world.

Parents have a relentless desire to make his child the Superman who will outperform their peers in everything. Begins the so-called race for the indicators, parents begin to load the kid a ton of various activities, the child begins to rush like mad and can’t anywhere to focus to become truly successful in one area.

No wonder then, that the true essence of the baby will not satisfy parents who’ve already been planned that their children will be successful in everything. However, unfortunately, that these children hardly ever become satisfied with the achievements or successes, like their parents. If your child receives at school three, ask him why not four, the same thing will happen with the four and the five.

Parents think so cause the child to aspire to the heights, however, because they only stop his desire to learn. Learn to assess your child for his accomplishments, praise him for his successes and not need to berate the kid, if he can’t do something, you better let him know that everything will work out, if next time he will make enough effort.

Each child is a unique person, he reacts differently to the events happening around. So learn not only condemn, but also the right to encourage, not to grow a notorious person.

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