как правильно делать массаж спиныBack massage perfectly relieves stress, relaxes and eliminates pain in the muscles. This type of massage works in several directions, it improves blood circulation, that is, promotes blood flow and oxygen to the muscles, relaxes them and releases endorphins, the pain and discomfort go away and the person feels much better. How to do a back massage?


What you need for a therapeutic back massage

  • Quite warm, quiet, relaxed atmosphere
  • Solid and hard surface, ideally, this massage table, but you can use a hard bed, a couch or laid on the floor Mat.
  • Massage oil. In the absence of special soothing oils, you can use baby oil.
  • Towels: one for the patient to lie down, the others to fail.
  • A small pad or soft rollers

Massage oil increases the intensity of the rubbing movements and prevents stretching of the skin and painful sensations associated with pulling out or pulling hair growing on the skin. Do not use too much oil, in fact, the less oil, the deeper and more effective massage effect.

Exerting pressure with one finger, use to support the rest of the fingers, otherwise without proper support is often used to massage the thumb, quickly get tired and start to hurt.


Patient comfort

If the patient is uncomfortable to lie, and he feels discomfort in the lower back, neck, shoulders or ankles, beneath the torso, ankles or neck, small pads or cushions. If the massage is done to the pregnant woman, the patient lies on his side, with specialist uses massage techniquespecifically designed for pregnant women.

  • Body parts that are not used during the massage should be covered with a warm towel.
  • One should not pour massage oil directly on the body, pour a small amount of oil into your palm and then apply to the skin. In palm oil is heated, and the patient does not experience discomfort from getting cold oil on the skin.
  • Avoid direct pressure on the bones and spine.

The specialist must be interested in the health of the patient and his feelings.


Massage the lower back

When severe fatigue and muscle tension in the lower back you can use the following technique. Thumbs of both hands make soft kneading motions in the back, in this work only the muscles without exerting pressure on the spine. The fingers should move in small circular movements from the bottom up, special attention should be paid to areas where there is the greatest voltage. Then move to the lower back, gently kneading his rump. Metered pressure and kneading helps to relieve stress and eliminate mild pain in the lower back.

A similar technique can be used to ease pain in the neck, shoulders and entire back.


Classic back massage

Lay the patient on his stomach convenient, fairly hard surface. Become so that you feel comfortable to work over the entire surface of a patient’s back and I didn’t have too much to strain and stretch your own back.

  • Stroking his open palm

Warm in hands a small amount of massage oil and pumping movements open palm, apply oil on the skin of the patient. Work with both hands simultaneously. Make fairly heavy traffic, moving upward from the lower back to the neck, and then, exerting a little pressure in a circular motion back to the lower back. This phase of the massage lasts from five to ten minutes.

  • Stroking the base of the palm

In this case, the area of impact is less, therefore, rendered by hand pressure should be deeper. Both hands make a circular motion, starting from the lower back, initially moving to the outer boundaries of the body, then up, then down back to center. Doing these movements, the therapist moves up the back. The phase duration is five minutes.

  • Reinforced stroking fingers

At low impact zone – more pressure. Stand on the opposite side from the patient, it is better to start with the right side. Fingertips (with one hand is on top of the other) move from the center of the back, then back stroking to the spine. Start from the bottom, gradually moving to the neck area. The phase duration is 5 minutes.

  • Reinforced rubbing thumbs

Make the rubbing motion with deep enough pressure up the entire length of the muscles that are located on either side of the spine. In the neck the pressure should be reduced. Slowly work your way up, paying special attention to areas of strong tension. Do three cycles on each side. Alternate this movement with a two-minute cycles of strokes.

  • Reinforced kneading middle finger

Strong deep movement on each side of the back. Start from the bottom, working your way up. At each point make five resintalling movements up, at the points where the pain is felt, the number of clutches increases.

  • Stroking using forearms

With a certain pressure move your forearms, moving towards the head. Stop just below the shoulder blades. The number of movements – 6.

  • Relief from pain and stress by using thumb

This phase of the massage you are guided by the “map” of the patient’s pain. Give, gradually increasing the pressure on the most sensitive point, the patient can guide you, telling exactly where he feels the pain. The specialist may himself feel special nodes voltage. Keep it pressed for about 5 seconds, then increase it again. This movement can be quite painful, but actually harm the patient will not bring, on the contrary, tension, and back pain will magically disappear.

Finish the massage should stroking fingers (movement 3), then the base of the palm (movement 2) and finally open palm (movement 1).

This type of massage should be performed by a qualified technician. At home to properly perform this massage is extremely difficult, so massage therapists work in salons and rooms with special equipment. This massage is aimed at the recovery of muscles after injury, relieve muscle spasms in the lower back and relieve pain.

This massage technique involves different pressure forces on areas prone spasm. Masseuse fingers or knuckles, putting pressure varying strength, stretching muscles. The patient, talking about their feelings, helps the technician to adjust the intensity of the movements and the pressure force. At the beginning of the massage, the patient may be mild pain, if the pain intensifies, this should necessarily inform the massage therapist. Communication between therapist and patient is very important, according to t that is felt by the patient, the technician adjusts the specifics of movement. Stimulating blood flow to areas of spasm helps to eliminate pain and stress relief.



  • Acute inflammation in the spine
  • Wounds and injuries on the skin, work with damaged skin increases the risk of communicable infections.


Useful properties of massage

  • Relax and release tension from the muscles
  • Emotional comfort and stress relief
  • Stimulation of tactile sensations
  • Improvement of microcirculation and blood circulation, stimulation of lymphatic drainage system.
  • Toxins and harmful substances from the body

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