Как делать французский маникюрEvery girl dreams about manicured nails. French manicure — perfect for celebrations and every day. Everyone knows that the meaning of the French manicure is the white coloration of the tips of the nails. To get such a manicure most of the girls visit beauty salons.

But with the acquisition of necessary supplies, you receive the ability to create such beauty myself. The result will be not worse, but will be able to save significantly.

Preparatory processes

Prepare the nails and the skin subsequent to the application of French manicure.

1) Nails must be thoroughly cleaned. If you have a varnish, remove it with a special tool with the surface of the nail, and stick, wrapped with cotton and soaked in this remedy, RUB under the nails.

2) Next, you need to trim your nails, giving them a desired length, and use the file to create the desired shape.

3) Soft scrub is useful for skin treatment of the hands. His need to RUB it in with fingertips. Then scrub just rinse with warm water.

4) For final clean fingers of dirt, the remaining lacquer or scrub on the surface and under the nail, it is necessary to fill the container with warm water, put mild liquid soap and hold it in this solution several minutes. After dry with a towel.

5) to soften cuticles and moisturize hands, they need to generously lubricate the body butter or thick moisturizer. Massage in for five minutes.Французский маникюр

6) the Softened cuticles gently pushed back with a stick. Wash hands warm water with soap to remove traces of cream or oil.

French painting

1) If the nail plate has irregularities, it is possible to cover it in one layer of a means for surface alignment. When the medium is dry, apply top base clear coat for better adhesion with the varnish.

2) Now on the tips of the nails apply one coat of white nail Polish. This can be done in several ways:

— for square tip is a straight line across the nail;

— to get a form of “Crescent” need to make the natural curve of the nail;

— simple V-shape is created by drawing from two sides of diagonal lines that start from the outer tips of the nails and being up to their middle.

After 10 minutes you can proceed to the next step.

3) Should be applied on the nail beds two layers of varnish or pale pink, or flesh-colored. This is the final stage of design French manicure.

Now, the main thing is to wait long enough until the paint is dry, and you can proudly admire the result.

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