Beautiful hands for any woman are an integral part of her care. If hands look untidy, this disadvantage is virtually impossible to hide any ways. That is why hands must be cared for as carefully as for skin or hair care. An integral part of hand care is a manicure that you can do yourself or in a professional salon. When an independent method is important to ensure that you know the basics of manicure, namely how to make.
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As tools for manicure it is best to use organic or natural cosmetics. It can be found in professional cosmetics stores. Also organic cosmetics in Moscow with delivery for sale in almost every online shop cosmetics.

The whole manicure process can be divided into several stages:

  • The first step is to prepare all the necessary tools and cosmetic products for manicure, to verify the sterility of instruments. It is important that cuticle Nipper were quite sharpened, in order not to damage the skin. Also in the Arsenal you need to have a nail file, nail scissors, sticks to move aside the cuticle. As for cosmetics, they are selected at the discretion of the manicurist;
  • The second step is to prepare your hands to manicure. For this purpose it is necessary to lower hands in warm, almost hot, water to soften the skin around the nail plate. In the water you can add a cosmetic product for moisturizing skin that will make them soft and remove dryness;
  • In the third stage you can begin immediate processing of the nail plate. First the nails you need to file and give them the shape that you want. Next, you need to gently push back cuticles using an orange stick or other manicure tool designed for this purpose. Then you need to get rid of the cuticle with forceps, moisten the skin around the nail to keep it moist;
  • In the fourth stage you can apply a lacquer coating or to make any figure on the nails. This process is done at the request and varnishes and design of the figure are selected at the discretion of the master, which makes the manicure.

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Lessons manicure you can learn by yourself, watching videos online and practicing.

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