Потрясающий маникюр фото | Потрясающий маникюр

Stunning manicure

Beautiful manicure made using a sponge, can become a real decoration, great complement to a female image. To create such a masterpiece can be even at home and do not necessarily need to have artistic abilities and skills workshops.

Sequence of performance of manicure with a sponge:

  •  The first thing to pick two or three of nail Polish (they must be of different colors), which will be wonderful to be combined.
  •  Tidy your nails (delete the old varnish, trim and file the nail plate). Then thoroughly wash your hands (you must do this in order to remove the nail plates residue Polish remover) and dry them.
  •  Cover the nails with a transparent varnish: it will serve as a basis for manicure performed using a sponge.
  •  At the next stage, your task is to paint the nails with a sponge. Perform this procedure can be done in three different ways. According to the first method you need to wet the sponge in a glass of water, then gently squeeze and put on her little paint. Then промакивающими movements should be treated sponge, nail plate.
    Все, что нужно для этого шедевра фото | Все, что нужно для этого шедевра

    All you need for this masterpiece

    If you prefer a plain, manicure, a sponge to apply only varnish one shade. In other cases on a «tool» to impose several colors ranging from dark and ending with a light shade, and after doing manicures. Second option: apply a few drops of nail Polish on the foil, after the blot the lacquer sponge, apply to marigold. And the last technique manicures with a sponge is as follows: apply varnishes on a nail plate, and then a damp sponge spread border between them.

  •  Surpluses of a varnish, got on the skin around the nail, remove with a cotton swab dipped in a liquid for removing nail Polish.
  •  When the varnish dries, cover the nail plate fixer (thanks to this, the surface becomes smooth, and a cover – stable).
Дай волю фантазии фото | Дай волю фантазии

Unleash your imagination

By the way, if you have enough time and there is the creative inspiration, can, using improvised means to diversify manicure. For example, draw a thin brush on the sponge any geometric shape or another simple drawing, and then make his mark on ноготках. And before applying the final coat, you can decorate the nail plate sequins or rhinestones.

Believe me, made with their own hands manicure by means of a sponge looks great! It is suitable and for solemn events, and for each day.


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