Every girl dreams of the perfect legs. And so they were ideal to try to work on yourself. But, unless the feet can be perfect without a pedicure? You can do it very simple yourself, even without the help of specialists.

Как делать обрезной педикюр в домашних условиях?2

In the Internet you can find all sorts of interesting articles that help girls to take care of his body without any problems. A blog about the manicure will take care of the nails, and also find amazing options of their jewellery.

Feet should always be well groomed, especially in summer, when wearing shoes with open toes. And pedicure should be perfect. If the salon does not go go, do it yourself. After all, it doesn’t take much time and effort, but the result will bring great pleasure.

They do not get involved, a few times a month will be enough for a perfect skin and beautiful nails.

Правильный педикюр в домашних условиях2

Before beginning the procedure it is necessary to wash feet and remove nail Polish. In order to soften the skin on the feet is necessary to make a dish, adding a little sea salt. To keep her feet no longer than 20 minutes, then Pat dry.

After that, you need to cut your nails (straight line) and trim using a nail file. A special shovel you need to bend the cuticle to the edge, to make it easier to remove. You can get lotion that will soften it.

With blades you have to remove all the dirt from under the nail. If you want that the surface was smooth and flawless, nail file Polish gently swipe the nail.

Гигиенический педикюр+

If rough feet and rough skin, cleaning it will help ordinary pumice. Also, you can take a special foot scrub. After the procedure, smear moisturizing cream.

The last step in the pedicure and nail Polish. You can choose any color, depending on the desire. Before applying the nail surface must be degreased by using nail Polish remover. So it will keep much longer.

To make it easier to work — place between the separator fingers (can be substituted with a cotton swab). After that, you can safely proceed to the coloring. Apply any varnish is better in several layers, so the color will be brighter and stay longer. Apply a second coat only after the complete drying of the first. For fastening — apply a top coat.
Модный педикюр – залог уверенного поведения женщины3
Nails can be decorated with special labels, which are sold in all stores with cosmetics. So a pedicure will be more aesthetically pleasing and unusual.

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