French manicure can be called one of the most important types of nail design. Its main advantage is their versatility. French manicure will be appropriate regardless of the occasion and are suitable for any clothes. You can use at home. But, it is better to learn how to do French manicure, if you have an important event. This is because not every girl can do everything correctly and accurately the first time.
Как сделать французский маникюр? 2,
There are several methods to create this nail design. Beginners should use the most simple of them. For this you should take transparent and white paint, stencil the stripes and enamel. Usually they are sold in one special set.
Как сделать французский маникюр?
To do a French manicure in the salon, if the girl planned any celebration, such as the day of birth. By the way, a great surprise can bea gift certificate for womenthat you can find on your own taste. This gift to please every woman, after all, be original and unexpected.
Как сделать французский маникюр? 3
The first step in creating the French manicure involves coating the nails with two coats of clear lacquer. You must wait for the moment when it dries. Then you take one strip from the stencil and carefully applied to the nail. It should be well pressed from all sides, leaving no gaps. The resulting area of the nail cover white finish. Remove the stencil is possible only after the layer is completely dry. Otherwise you can ruin the manicure. Then the nails are re-covered with a transparent varnish. This way you can use both for beginners and professionals, because this technology allows you to create a neat and attractive French manicure.

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