Как сделать макияж за 5 минутAny girl at least once found themselves in such situations when catastrophically there is no time to do makeup properly. What to do if and no makeup to go where you are going, do not want or cannot? It turns out that there is a solution, and in fact makeup can be enough even for 5 minutes.

Recently I learned of the existence of special equipment for the application of cosmetics, thanks to which the time for make-up takes only a few minutes and it will look no worse than the one on which you usually spend half an hour or more. I hasten to share it.

Step 1. Use the tone tool to align the complexion. Depending on the type of skin, can choose anything: powder, Foundation, concealer, concealer. Professionals suggest that you apply a liquid Foundation brush: so you can speed up this process and the most effective to conceal flaws.

Step 2. Treat the eyebrows, go over them with a special brush and, if necessary, touch up pencil to blend in with the color of your hair.

Step 3. Shadow. If You want to learn how to make up your eyes for the Express make-up, here’s a fresh idea. Cover the upper eyelid with a layer of light-beige shadows, focusing on the area under the eyebrows and inner corner of the eye. Shades darker shades – dark brown, gray, smoky – emphasize the outer corners. Be sure to thoroughly blend all the boundaries that there are no sharp transitions.5 шагов к идеальному макияжу за 5 минут

This eye makeup does not only takes the least time, looks neat, but also helps to visually open the eye.

Step 4. Coat the lashes a coat of mascara for extra volume. Usually one layer is enough, but if you really want, you can add a second, but in any case not more in order not to overload the look.

The notorious “spider legs” — it’s not too nice, and particularly such efforts do not appreciate men. In addition, because of the constant gravity of the several layers of mascara can become brittle eyelashes.

Step 5. The last stage of make-up for 5 minutes – the lips. For such a quick option them enough to cover with a transparent glitter soft pastel colors. Almost all are suitable, for example such as caramel, light pink, peach, beige.

Such means for makeup of the lips have a light texture, ideal for every day, and their just cause. In addition, they help to make the face look fresh and young, visually subtracting a few years.

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