The hand of a woman – this displays the image of her life, nutrition and health. It is important to monitor them regularly to take care that his hands were gentle and beautiful. Many women due to their employment in the modern life, few devote their attention to hand care and nail. But well you can handle this at home without spending time and money on beauty salons.
Как сделать маникюр в домашних условиях?5
To find new ideas for nails, you can access the Internet, and you can come up with something unique. For example, if you decide to buy Iranian carpet, the designs on it will be an inexhaustible source of ideas for nail design. The same effect may be of any decorative elements in your home.
Как сделать маникюр в домашних условиях?4
To bring the hand of a woman in order, you need to make a manicure, you only need to know a few important rules. First we need to get the most affordable and simple set for nail care. There is absolutely no need to buy professional tools, used by experts. Quite a few poloczek, sticks to remove cuticle scissors, means for lifting and strengthening varnish.
You must choose a quiet, secluded and well-lit place in the house where You will not be disturbed. Next proceed to the baths for hands that are warm water with salt usually. The procedure should last at least 15 minutes, then stick you need to thoroughly dry and start to remove the cuticle. To get rid of this skin around the nail, it is first necessary to apply a special oil, and then stick with Your nail set to pull the nail. We must remember that the use of a sharp object in this process is prohibited, it is possible not only to cut the cuticle, but also damage the surface of the nail.
Как сделать маникюр в домашних условиях?2
Then you can start to nail form, for which they need to file a particular file, that is, for brittle and weak is the smooth surface of the nail file, and a strong Vice versa. Apply varnish to the nails also need, starting with the little finger and gradually moving the thumb and first left hand and then right. The nail surface is necessary tassel in the middle, then from the sides to the manicure looked flat and one-step.
Как сделать маникюр в домашних условиях?
At the end of the manicure, you can use the tool for strengthening nails and varnish that is applied from above and maintains the perfect appearance of the nails for a long time. Any woman have to cope with the implementation of the manicure. You need to know about the above rules of conduct, and then the result will please You and others.

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