как правильно делать массажIn ancient times, when there was no aspirin and warming gels, people got rid from pain and discomfort in the muscles with a simple and affordable way massage. How to do massage to relax the body and heal the body?

Massage, in fact is one of the most ancient therapeutic methods, the naturalness of which is not in doubt. People instinctively touches a sore spot on the body, and experts say that massage, even the simplest, can have powerful therapeutic and preventive effects.

Deep tissue massage aims to ease stress and eliminate congestion and inflammation in the deep layers of muscle tissue. The person who does deep tissue massage, need to have an idea about the structure of the human body, and also know how to provide deep pressure to tissue without causing pain to the patient, and how to identify areas needing immediate attention. Professional massage therapists for several years comprehend the art of effective massage and daily practice, improving their knowledge and skills. Massage, of course, can be done at home, important to follow certain rules and listen to his client and to himself.


Where to start to massage

с чего начинать делать массажIf you want to learn how to massage yourself, your family or strangers, be sure to refresh your knowledge about the anatomy of the human body and the structural features of muscle tissue. The best place to apply the skills and practices of a novice massage – back client. For a more visual representation of the structure of the muscles of the back, and you will need an image of the muscular structure of the human body parts. Print this picture and keep in a conspicuous place in the room where they practice.

The massage begins with the application on skin massage oils. Move from the top down, first on one side of the back, then another. Do not apply pressure with your palms, work your weight. In no case do not press on the spine and other bones.

Using the fingertips define the borders of the muscle zones and individual zone sensitivity. In the process boost pressure, making it more focused on certain points. Try to determine areas of increased oppression and stagnation in the muscles, as a rule, these places are most sensitive and respond to pressure pain.

Pay special attention to the study of such sensitive areas, fingers and palms should be situated in the muscles. Do not include the movement of hands and shoulders don’t make too fast of movements. Be patient and try not to cause pain to the person who you trusted.

Don’t forget to communicate with the person to whom do massage, be interested in his feelings, wishes, and so on.


The strength of the impact

When massaging, do not apply pressure to the back or other parts of the body too much. The presence of lung pain is acceptable, you should feel the muscles move under his fingers, but on your customer’s face should not appear grimace in pain.

In addition to the force of the impact, do not forget about speed. Work slowly. Too fast and intensive rubbing only irritates the skin and muscles, but has no desired effect. Perform smooth, slow movements with the palms, thumbs and fingertips.

You should not put pressure on bones and joints. In any case, do not put direct pressure on the spine and very gently work the muscles along the ribs and shoulder blades. Sometimes people with too slim muscle tissue after the massage the bruising remains, in principle there is nothing wrong, but a true professional should be able to calculate the pressure, to avoid the appearance of bruises.

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