как правильно отжиматьсяAmong the fans of different fitness exercises periodically come into fashion, and after a while lose their popularity, but there are a few exercises that are always relevant, and completely immune to fashion trends. These include push – UPS that allow you to develop several muscle groups using only the weight of your own body and gravity. But how to do push-UPS to get the most benefit?

Some experts say that of all the exercises pushups closest to what could be called the perfect exercise. Reasons for this are many: for their implementation does not need any special equipment or large space, they are easy (relatively), they are forced to work multiple muscle groups and, at the same time, they are associated with minimal risk to health (in contrast to, for example, from running, which is also available to any healthy person, but can lead to serious injuries).


How to learn how to do push-UPS

Although there are several dozen varieties of push-UPS, the basic principle of one – man uses the muscles of the arms and shoulders to lift, and then slowly lower your body down. It sounds simple, but when doing pushups people make a lot of mistakes. One of the most common – the desire to reduce the load on hands, and use the shape of the muscles of other parts of the body. For example, people can help the hands, lifting the torso up through the abdominal and back muscles. Actually when doing pushups body should only raise hands and other muscle groups tense up just because of the way the position of the body, but do not help to complete the exercise. Otherwise, the muscles of the arms simply will not receive the entire load, which can give them the push-UPS.

During push-UPS don’t need to touch the floor of the chest is in the lowest position the chest should be a few inches above the floor.

Body when doing normal pushups should remain direct – no prohibite and not vegimite back, not vypyachivaete buttocks, do not lift or lower your head. Now let’s talk about how to perform different types of pushups.


How to do push-UPS from the floor

как правильно отжиматьсяFirst you need to make sure that your body is in the correct position. Place hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. How to place your hands – the only question their own convenience and preferences (as well as common sense – to put the palm of the hand so that the fingers were facing you, it might be pointless). Most people when doing pushups palms are on the floor so that the fingers pointing forward, but some are more comfortable when the fingers are turned inside – this may slightly reduce the load on hands.

Legs can also be set as you prefer – width apart, or put them tight to each other. In General, the wider the legs, the more stable will be the position of the body.

When you do push-UPS from the floor, your body should form a straight line: first, as we have said, the spine should be straight, and secondly, it is not necessary to bend the right or to the left (sometimes this happens automatically). There is a simple way to bring the body to the desired position: squeeze buttocks and as you strain your abdominal muscles. When this body will be in a strong muscular corset, which almost causes him to straighten up.

Keep your head up; it should be in such position that, if you get down on the floor, you would touch the chin, not the nose.

In the upper position, the arms should be completely straight. From this position you can begin to push. Remember that quality is more important than the number of repetitions, so please check your movements and do not rush.

Slowly lower your body until your elbows will be bent at an angle of ninety degrees or less. Beginners usually bend the arms at the right angle – it’s OK, but when push-UPS, you will begin to get better, gradually decrease the angle, so that, in the end, in the bottom position your chest is almost touching the floor.

Don’t forget about breathing: some people, performing heavy exercise, hold your breath, that’s completely wrong. Usually recommend to descend on the inhale, and climb, making the breath, but in General, this is not essential; it is more important that the man was breathing deeply and evenly, continuously providing the body sufficient oxygen.

For a moment linger in the lower position, then slowly rise up until arms are fully straightened. Congratulations, you have done wringing! Continue to do push-UPS until enough strength. Record the number of push-UPS, and try every time to do a bit more than during the previous workout.

Many women begin to do fitness, wondering how to do it girls. Actually, the technique of push-UPS, one for all, but girls are often recommended to start with push-UPS from the wall, bench or pushups on the knees, because the muscles of the arms they have, on average, is less developed than men.

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