как одеваться цветотипу зимаTo figure out how to dress up a winter complexion, you must learn to choose colors that accentuate your skin tone. When choosing the wrong colors your skin and hair appear dull, while a well-chosen colors will give them extra Shine and luster.


The definition of the color type

To begin to define the tone of the skin. Actually there are two basic tones: warm and cool. Warm colors have a yellow subtone, and cold pink.

Look at your veins. The skin on the wrists, elbows and temples is very thin, the blood vessels are close to her. If you have light skin, you should see the veins in this part of the body. If the veins are green or olive green, you have warm skin tone. If the veins are rather bluish tone, you have a cool skin tone. If you find it difficult to determine the color of the veins, you have neutral skin tone.

Do the test with a sheet of paper. Very often on the skin are redness. This may give you to the erroneous conclusion that you have a cool skin tone. Such redness can be caused by hormones or the sun. That is why this test is performed based on the color of the neck or chest, and not the person. Hold the sheet at the neck or chest. Let’s see which colors contrasted the white sheet. Blue and pink indicate that you have a cool skin tone. Green and gold speaks of the warmth of the tone. If you have a neutral skin tone that emerged during this test, the color will change depending on the time of year and being in the sun.

You can test with the decorations. In this case, it is not necessary to dwell on the complexion and use earrings. It is better to take bracelet or necklace. For this test you will need gold and silver jewelry. In good light you will see how your skin reacts when you contrast these two metals. What kind of metal your skin seems more radiant and healthy? If we are talking about gold, you have warm skin tone. If more suited to silver, then cold.

Please note how your skin reacts to the sun. People with cool skin tone, sunburns appear more often and much faster than people who have warm skin tone. If your skin under the sunlight quickly turns red, but they quickly turn into a nice tan, you have a neutral skin tone.

The next step will be the definition of your color type. Summer and winter are to cold tones, and spring and fall are warm. Winter is pinkish, pale olive, beige, peach, skin tone or ivory. As for hair, it is usually dark brown, dark brown, black, or bluish black hair with gray. The color type winter eyes can be brown, black, blue, gray-blue, gray-green, olive green, purple.


What to wear the color type winter

Pick clothes depending on your tone. The color type winter suit cold and bright colors such as pure white, black, dark blue, dark green, turquoise, hot pink, ruby, fuchsia, Carmine, pearl pink, red violet, glacier, dark blue, azure blue, lemon.

The color type winter should be avoided too light, pastel and warm tones. We are talking about the orange color and shades, namely apricot, yellow mustard, orange-red.

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