как тепло одеться зимойHow to dress warmly in the winter and save the style – it is possible, believe me. This will help you very simple but effective tricks.



In order to keep warm in winter is not very aesthetically pleasing to combine several layers of clothing. This requires skill and special clothing. Actually, the best way to retain the perfection of style is to get clothing that should be worn when exposed to lower temperatures. Have you not heard about the clothing company Damart? This brand specializes in the manufacture of soft, warm clothes and underwear that is comfortable to wear. You can stock up on black and white t-shirts 100% cotton that will fit you like a second skin, and you can wear them under a shirt or sweater with a collar.

You can find a suitable option lower clothing in specialised stores selling clothing for skiing or mountaineering. In this case, can wear a light jacket, and don’t forget that comfort, first and foremost.


How to keep feet warm

First of all, you must not cut and material unsuitable for wearing in winter. Forget about tight pants and some skinny. Not necessary to wear jeansthat are tight to the body. In addition, some jeans are metal jewelry, and so cold in nature. For the winter I advise you to abandon the narrow linen trousers made of lightweight cotton. You can leave straight cut pants, buckety and wide enough to fit chinos.

If you want to be sure that you will not freeze, dig into the women’s locker room. Do you know what leggings? They borrow, giving them a more masculine character. To do this, go to the store for the sale of specialized service. Skiers are also very soft leggings from cotton. Why not buy them as casual wear: easy, convenient and unobtrusive.

To keep your feet warm, look for insoles that will provide an insulating layer between the leg and the sole of the Shoe. In winter it is better to wear socks made of wool of Merino or cashmere. In addition, the most appropriate shoes is leather shoes. Leather is a natural insulation material.


Warmed by the hands

As for hands, gloves are a great option. It is better if you will wear under leather gloves a pair of very thin gloves of Alpaca wool. This will help to avoid thermal shock when you remove the gloves, because the skin is very difficult to perceive the transition from cold to heat, and this way you will allow your hands to quickly adapt to changes in temperature.

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