как одеваться при грушевидной форме телаSeductive girls should be happy – they now have a full guide on how to dress when pear-shaped body. Find the best trousers, skirts and dresses for pear shape, as well as some expert advice on how to look your best.


What is a pear-shape

The body in the form of a pear is the most common female body shape. Look in the mirror: if your hips and buttocks wider than the shoulders, you are a happy owner of a pear shaped body. Pear-shape usually has smaller volumes in the chest. Depending on the overall proportions “pear” with great bust may have actually body in the shape of an hourglass.

What celebrities have a pear shape: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna – all have a pear shape.


Secrets of stylists: the problem of choice of clothes in a pear shape

Problems style include finding clothes that fit both your waist (thin)and hips (a little wider). Dresses can be a problem, because fashion, by and large, is designed for thin and flat, cannot provide sufficiently wide choice for the lower half of your body. Find a good tailor. Models that sit on you is not good, you can quickly correct literally a few stitches.


How to dress when pear shape

  • Draw attention to the upper body. Women with pear-shaped figure should focus on the upper half of the body, choosing a thin, well-fitting tops, shirts buttoned and cardigans.
  • Decorate your neck. Shirts and dresses decorated with cut-outs, naturally attract attention to the top, the narrowest part of the figure.
  • Layers will help you. Layered clothing can balance pear shape, adding visual accents and attracting interest to the upper half of the body.
  • A-shaped silhouette. Dresses and tops of such form will emphasize the upper part of the body, at the same time visually slimming wider hips.
  • Wide clothes is good. Use wide leg trousers wide hems of skirts and dresses, to visually balance pear-shaped figure. The pointy-toed shoes and pants with a wide leg will lengthen your legs.
  • Add a little bit of structure. Structured pants is a good choice, especially those that reduce hips. Avoid flashy parts as on the cargo trousers, for example, as well as bright or large pockets or embroidery.


The best models of clothes for pear shape: Flirty skirt

  • Correctly picked up skirt can give you in all its beauty and hide any flaws.
  • Use the small figure on the fabric, the Council of experts of fashion. Fine texture of fabric, such as a dark tweed or any other similar tissue, can hide a small relief to your body.
  • Slightly flared skirt-pencil emphasizes the beauty of the feet, at the same time concealing the hip. Length skirts to the knee extends the lower half of the body.

Stylists also offer follow these tips:

  • Like a narrow-shaped silhouette service.
  • Choose the model that sit on your waist or hips, but not too high.
  • Stick simplicity – nothing bright or flashy.
  • Avoid completely tight skirts. They will make your bottom heavy.


The best cocktail dresses for pear shape body

Balance its lush lower half, choosing the right clothes. Try a dress with A-shaped skirt to hide wide hips. Avoid narrow dresses that fit your three-dimensional form, which makes them even more. The folds in the lower half of the body is also taboo. Note the upper half of the body with unusual cuts, embellished bra and big jewelry.


Best casual dress: casual, cool and daring

Dress A-shaped silhouette or flared skirts look fabulous for your figure. Dress with the “clamp” will make your shoulders to seem wider, helping to balance the thighs and hips. Shirt too is an excellent choice. It is a more formal piece of wardrobe, but no less elegant and neck line in a shirt attracts attention to the upper half of the body.

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