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The rising boom in Tibetan barberry, many buyers are not even interested in the question of how to drink Goji berries. Why, what the extra details if this herbal product allows a record to lose weight in the shortest possible time? So marketers do not take the time security any attention, unlike nutritionists and doctors, whose recommendations we will now look at.

Rationalization lifestyle

Drinking Goji berries does not mean that you can safely spend most of the time passively, as always. Reading advertising information about any of the miracle remedy for weight loss, do not forget about rationality and logic. So, for example, such useful properties of Tibetan barberry, as a unique enriched the composition, loss of appetite due to the wealth of plant fiber, revitalization of the work of intestines and normalization of metabolism, are fully proven.

Whatever was said sellers, how to drink Goji berries, know that no fat burn components in them is not contained. This means that without proper diet and optimal physical activity, your results weight loss with the help of this means actively seek to zero. So one should start with changes in their way of life from which exclude objectively harmful products (fatty meats, sausages, smoked meats, fast food, chips), sweet soda, tea and coffee with sugar (unsweetened), and alcohol.

Certainly include in your daily regime of physical exercise. Exercise is recommended at least 3 times a week. This can be, for example, a gym, a swimming pool, fitness, yoga, callanetics, Pilates, sports dances. If you find it difficult to allocate time to a full-fledged training outside the home, can use the cardio equipment, jumping with a skipping rope, spin hulahup. Any exercise will help you one way of eating berries Goji – delicious cocktail, which will give strength and energy.

Berries in the composition of the diet

The next stage of competent slimming – selection of diets that will be accompanied by the use of Tibetan barberry. You may prefer one of balanced low calorie diets. In this case, it is important to remember that when calculating the daily calorie need to take into account the energy value of the fruit, which per 100 g is about 253 kcal. About how to use Goji berries, doctors share the view that the daily dosage should not exceed 20-30 G.

If you decide to choose a low-carb diet, for example, “the Kremlin”, consider the chemical composition of berries. So 100 of this wonderful product contains 43 grams of carbohydrates. But try not to overload your diet exclusively Goji, forgetting about other sources of useful substances. And using the protein and the Dukan diet, it is recommended to reduce the amount of carbohydrates to 40-60, about how to use Goji berries himself the author argues that for a successful result, it is sufficient to observe the rules of the power system and to eat 50 grams of fruit.

It is better to drink Goji berries are not in cheese and sun dried or dried. It is believed that fresh in the composition of fruits contain toxins. Of course, this plant is not a deadly poison, but upset stomach (especially if the stomach and so weak) could be manifested.

Order Goji berries


Nastya, 34 years. About how to use Goji berries, I will say that I did not make in your lifestyle and diet no cardinal changes. That is exactly what position their product sold is “a method for the lazy”. Noticed that indeed sometimes you want to eat less, so the “irregular” snacks are gone. But honestly, I expected more. For 2 weeks I lost only 2.5 kg

Alina, 30 years. Taste the fruits are very original, like nothing on earth, but pleasant. So I didn’t bother even over how to drink Goji berries as part of drinks. Just ate so, when I started to get hungry. To control myself, I’m all packaging divided into small bags of 50, of Course, I wanted more, but I was restrained. As the saying goes, that spoon – medicine, and in the Cup of poison.

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