как правильно красить бровиTo visit beauty salons for the sake of procedures such as correction and coloring eyebrows in many busy women don’t have time, and sometimes desires. Of course, it’s easier now, because the eyebrows is available in the home as a permanent paint and decorative cosmetics. Need to know how to paint eyebrows, using all the possibilities of modern cosmetology. Then your face will always be expressive, and you will have no reason to complexes about the lack of makeup.


Pencil, shade or paint – make a choice

Almost all women, causing your makeup in the morning, emphasize eyebrows, even if they are naturally dark, they may need a little color correction or amendment form using a pencil or shadow. Each has their own preferences when choosing one or another form of means for maintaining the eyebrows in shape.

Some are old-fashioned way with a pencil, others prefer a more modern version for quick correction – the shadow for brows. And those and others, may resort to staining resistant inks. And Podravka cosmetics after it is not always loses viability. How to dye eyebrows is a matter of individual choice, however, some rules and guidelines do exist and they should listen.


How to dye your eyebrows with a pencil

как правильно красить бровиAdjust color and shape brow pencil is the most simple and complex at the same time. Simple, because this method is available since cosmetic eyeliner will find almost all. Complicated because the result may look unnatural, and in order to achieve naturalness have to fill your hand.

Eyebrow pencil should not be black – choose shades of gray or gray-brown. In any case, do not press on it hard when correction of eyebrows, because the pencil strokes are always visible, they do face coarse and vulgar. Ideally, eyebrow pencil should be a tone or two lighter hair color, but slightly darker tint eyebrows, lean, well-sharpened, but not scratchy.

Your task is to simulate pencil strokes eyebrow hairs, which may be lacking, if eyebrows sparse and bland. Color in the spaces between the natural hairs fine and precise strokes, especially gently working at the base and at the tips. In the nose it is important not to put on too much color, it should be concentrated near the tip, where rare and light eyebrows, you wish to continue. Do not continue the line much going beyond the natural length of the eyebrows. Beautifully delineate eyebrows, recreating them, under the force of professionals, but at home it is better to stop at a small correction.


How to dye eyebrows shadows

как правильно красить бровиShadow for brows have become a great alternative to a pencil. Them eyebrows get much more natural, and given a softer brush application, and a wider range of shades.

Shadow, eyebrow also choose not strongly contrasting with the natural. Ideally, the color of the eyebrows after dyeing must either match the color of the hair, or to be a tone darker. Bright dark eyebrows blondes can also be worn, but it is more casual option.

Shadow, eyebrow applied with a brush, which can be included. After you have done the shadow on the brush, it is better to shake off the excess, so that the first line was not too thick and greasy. Small touches of color in the eyebrows, focusing on the segment in two-thirds the length of the eyebrows from the outside.


How to dye eyebrows paint

как правильно красить бровиOn the market today, you can find good options resistant paints for home coloring eyebrows. The color lasts about two weeks, depending on the manufacturer, color and frequency of water treatment after dyeing.

The paint is diluted with a hydrogen peroxide solution in a ratio of 2:1, and in one painting needs about 2.5 ml of oxidant and 5 ml of ink, but more accurately indicated on the instructions for each brand. Before applying paint on eyebrows is to protect the surrounding skin, causing a cotton swab usual moisturizer. Caution – do not fall on eyebrows, otherwise the dye will not be fixed. The mixture for coloring is applied to the eyebrow brush from a set, you can use an old brush from the mascara.

The exposure time of the ink depends on the brand and the desired shade. This is usually from 5 to 20 minutes. Overtime is not worth it, better then to correct the eyebrows, which were slightly lighter, than by all means try to wash off unnaturally dark paint. This often guilty owner of dark or black eyebrow from nature, which requires a special approach.


How to paint black eyebrows

как правильно красить бровиIf you are by nature black eyebrows, you should not use black paint for eyebrows in pure form. You can get not just the color of the Raven’s wing, and shade with a blue or green tint. Black or dark brown eyebrows, which usually are the owners of dark brown hair, must be painted with a mixture of black (or graphite) and brown paint. Mixing them in a ratio of 1:1 or slightly increasing the volume of one or another color, depending on the source data and the desired result.

When the decorative colouring of dark eyebrows also not necessary to use pure black options, choosing a dark brown or dark grey. They look more natural, will not let the outsider tide and will not coarsen face.

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