как красить бровиEyebrows – the procedure is not so complicated to constantly visit the salon for this purpose. Any woman can choose for themselves a suitable paint for the hair and maintain the eyebrows are beautiful and tidy yourself. It is not always necessary chemical compounds, the acquisition of high-quality cosmetics will help to make expressive eyebrows, varying the color and degree of saturation of the hue. How to dye eyebrows at home, if you don’t have time to visit a professional?


Choosing color paint for eyebrows

To paint eyebrows on all the rules and safety is not enough to obtain a good result. The starting point for successful dyeing of eyebrows becomes the right choice of paint, the shade of which should be suitable to the natural eyebrows and hair color.

Usually paint for eyebrows have three shades: black, brown and grey, which is also called graphite.

Masters in beauty rarely use colour in its pure form, preferring to mix them together, neutralizing the possible side effects. The latter depend not only on the original pigment in Crusades the substance, but also from the natural shade of your eyebrows. For example, it is not recommended to use black paint in pure form, because it almost always gives a bluish or greenish sheen.

If you have dark eyebrows with brown hair, black ink can be mixed with brown, if you have dark ash-blonde hair and eyebrows similar shade, it is better to try grey. Brown paint on a light eyebrows can give unexpected red tide, so it should be diluted carefully, mixing with sulfur and reducing the exposure time on the eyebrows.

Paint should be fresh is another factor influencing the manifestation of color. Do not keep it in the bathtub, where it was affected by high temperature and humidity, on the expiry date change to the new one.


How to dye eyebrows paint

In the packaging of paint for eyebrows tube contains the coloring matter and the bottle of developer. They are usually diluted in a ratio of 1:1 or 1:1.5, more precisely, read instructions specific brand. Dilute the paint with the oxidant, mix well and bring to a homogeneous and creamy, and then apply to clean, dry brow.

Before applying paint to avoid staining the skin around the eyebrows better to carefully handle the contour of the eyebrows moisturizing cream on a cotton stick. Caution, try not to get on the hairs of the eyebrows, otherwise they will not be painted.

Apply the paint clean brush from the carcass or the same brush complete with paint. Flaws to correct and remove the excess paint is better, until the color is absorbed, a cotton swab.

The exposure time of the ink is from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on the brand, from the initial color and a desired intensity of color. To paint eyebrows recommended no more than once in two weeks, and between colourings to support the expression and the form of decorative cosmetics.


Eyebrows and makeup

For many years women of color brow pencil, but in recent years appeared and shadow for brows that solve problems faded colours and formlessness much easier, and the eyebrows look more natural.

To choose a paint color or eyeshadow for eyebrows it is easy, moreover, that the saturation can be varied independently, if necessary, wiping the excess color.

Dyeing eyebrow pencil should be carefully, not drawing a solid line and simulating fine hair strokes, carefully painting the space between the natural hairs.

Shadow, eyebrow issued in the same form that eyeshadow is usually compact dry consistency, cause you want a dense brush or applicator. cast shadows on eyebrows, too, need light shtrihoobraznoe movements, starting in the middle of not to put a lot of color to the area from the nose.

The color of the eyebrows ideally, there should be a darker shade of hair at the roots, it is better to make eyebrows lighter – face will not appear coarse.

Do not put too much color in the nose if you have close-set eyes or pear-shaped face with a low forehead. Small touches can be a little to continue the line of the eyebrows for their natural line at the temples, but very gently. Line eyebrow pencil should not salivates or rounded – final stroke should be smooth and confident.

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