как красить брови карандашомTo know how to dye your eyebrows with a pencil only theoretically enough to do it skillfully and beautifully. If you are new to this area, get ready for practice, try different shades of pencils and different techniques of drawing lines. The only way you will be able, first, to fill the hand, and secondly, to find the image and figure of the eyebrows, which is ideal to your face. To make things easy, and to learn useful and it never hurts, even if you plan to use for eyebrows permanent paints.


The choice of pencil

A couple of decades ago, when the industry could not boast of a great variety of means of decorative cosmetics, many women had a single eye pencil. They were summed eyelid contour and emphasized eyebrows. Of course, almost always he was black, rarely gray or brown. Today on the shelves of cosmetic boutiques you can find a good number of shades of eyebrow pencil, which is not the intended purpose in eye makeup.

There are rich coal black pencils, dark gray, light gray, dark brown or light brown for blondes. The texture of the eyebrow pencil is also not uniform. There are soft and hard, more oily and very dry. To choose among this splendor is always the consumer who will have to try different colors and shades on yourself when deciding between dry solid lines and passionate strokes for heavy makeup.

Matching rules shades of cosmetics and color type was not canceled. If you have dark hair with ash tone, choose a dark grey pencil, dark chestnut – brown, blondes should stop or moderate gray shade, or light brown, depending on the warmth of the shade of their hair.


Preparation eyebrows

Eyebrows before makeup should be clean and free of grease. If you put a tone or moisturizer, remove that got an eyebrow. Can lightly powder the area around the eyebrows, especially from the bottom, on the upper eyelid. So you will create a smooth “canvas” without pimples and oily sheen, eyebrows are expressive, and nothing will distract attention.


The outline shape

Before proceeding to the designation eyebrow pencil line, it is necessary to define in advance of their segment – where browna arc will begin and end. Look carefully at similar shape your eyebrows without the pencil. Even if she does it have gaps between hairs and do I need a pencil correction length?

If this cosmetic fix brow shape you want, then arm yourself with a very light pencil, and carefully mark a new path Brownell arc, which you then fill in with a pencil. It is especially important to do this in the upper part, which determines the impression of the form, giving it clarity, and in the area of the fracture, which, in turn, determines the facial expression.


Application technique

Dyeing eyebrow pencil should be no pressure on the stylus, otherwise the line will be sharp and rough, and such strokes are difficult to adjust, especially if the pencil dark and persistent. Take the pencil closer to the tip of the lock arm elbow on the table and start to paint the eyebrowsby imitating the hairs. Move along the line of the eyebrows, a short non-greasy touch. Be very careful line nose – here touches should be subtle, otherwise the expression will be terrible.

If the brow is rounded, and you want to make it more clear, fill out a careful check in the upper part of the fracture eyebrows, diagonal line dropping a line to the end of the arc, if necessary, going a little beyond its natural line. In the lower part of the eyebrows is also possible to draw the line, visually thicker browney arc in the first third of the length from the bottom to the fracture. This is especially need women who are addicted correction of eyebrows and heavily plucked them at the beginning, drawing unnaturally thin and overly surprised line.

Color brow pencil in natural daylight. So you are more likely to create a natural makeup and make fewer mistakes. If you think that at certain points the pencil went too greasy – not scary. Gently RUB this place a cotton swab with a small amount of soap.

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