A known fact: well-groomed hands – the key to a positive opinion about absolutely every person, whether male or female. Just imagine what an impression You can make on the interlocutor, if you are the owner of protruding hangnails and broken nails? Manicures in the modern world is an essential event everyone!

Покрытие ногтей на длительный период

Peeling nails

Our nails have a complicated structure. They consist of 3 “floors”:

  • top layer = calcium + keratin;
  • middle layer = soft keratin;
  • the inner layer = the keratin of the nail bed.

Just improper care and leads to an imbalance between the layers, and the result is stratification.

Ванночка для ногтей 3


  • lack of vitamins and minerals (the main ones are: calcium, zinc, iron);
  • the negative external environment (household chemicals: detergent powder; use diamond nail files).

Method of prevention:

Include in your diet bananas, pumpkin seeds, prunes, apricots, apples and don’t forget about the existence of rubber gloves save your hands.


Great tool for maintaining your nails in the norm is bath. Her recipe is very simple: in a glass of warm water one teaspoon of salt. Immerse the handle for 15 minutes, after don’t forget to use any oil to provide moisture and nutrition to the nail plates.
The nail industry is big steps moving forward and not to draw attention to the problem of stratification of nails can’t, which explains the abundance of smart enamels and varnishes on the shelves of stores. Unfortunately, confidently to assert their exclusive benefit, they are only cosmetic in the main method of treatment.

Уход за руками зимой3

Perhaps most importantly in the care of hands and nails — use quality specialized cosmetics. If You really care about the health of the pens, please throw purchased on the market stuff, forget about the constant use of nail – let your nails breathe.

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