Any mother strives to create your baby comfortable conditions and to save from danger, including in the car. Just put the baby in the back seat and fasten your regular belts is unacceptable, because the strap in this case intercepts neck and hips baby and an accident leading to serious injury or suffocation. Earlier decide how to transport a child in the car, parents can, however, now in the traffic rules clearly state that the obligatory condition of small passenger transportation in the cabin is a special restraint: a car seat or a booster.

If the first car seat, appeared in the early 20th century, contributed only ensure that the child is not distract the driver from management, advanced devices, reliably protect the child from injury in case of accident. Now car seat booster you can buy in the automobile or the Internet, however, it is better to seek specialized shops. For the correct choice you need to know the age, height and weight of the child.
Как обеспечить безопасность маленького пассажира1
Classification of restraints

According to European safety standards is a standard that defines the following group holding devices:

  • group () – for children of the first year of life, weighing up to 10 kg – cradle for auto or car seats;
  • group 0+ (for children up to 1.5 years up to 13 kg;
  • group 1 year to four years , 9-18 kg weight;
  • group 2 – the weight of the child from 15 to 25 kg;
  • group 3 – the age to 12 years of age and weight from 22 to 36 kg

Types of restraints

Автолюлька is intended for the youngest passengers, shaped like a baby carriage, but without wheels can also be used as a carry or rocking for the house. Is intended for transportation of a baby in a horizontal position and provides a complete security

Car seat outwardly looks as usual seat, only without legs. Has a seatbelt which a child is fixed in a chair in the 5 points that will not allow him to fall out of the chair even during heavy blow. Also chairs supplied with arms, the back of them is adjustable in height, and some models have a retractable table. Car seat attached to the back seat of the car with the help of regular seat belts.
Как обеспечить безопасность маленького пассажира3
Booster is a car seat for older children, aged 8, is essentially a сидушкой or additional seat anchoring to the seat of the car along with him who is sitting upon the child by means of regular belts. The booster no back and protection on the sides, some models have armrests. Ideal for trips to small distances.

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