как поправитьсяIn our world of fast food and fashion standards of beauty most people struggle with weight, consider every calorie and every kilogram of excess depression. But there are those who do not know how to get better, because nothing helps, so they are not taken.

The low mass of the body can cause a variety of reasons, health problems, lack of appetite, exhausting exercise, muscle building. Some want to gain a couple of pounds only to overcome the hereditary gene thinness, Yes, it turns out, there is such one.

Underweight are not always the problem, if a person feels great, perfectly endure physical and mental loads, in such cases, the blame is often accelerated the process of metabolism or other individual characteristics of the organism, completely unrelated to the disease.

If for some reason you need to gain weight, it should be done correctly. Proper set of weight is not eating as much food as possible and consumption of more calories.


Calorie and nutrition

You should pay attention not only on the amount of calories, but also for the maintenance of food nutrients. Gain weight, exactly how to lose weight with healthy food. Your diet should contain not just high-calorie foods that contain large amounts of fat or sugar, you should eat foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Each piece or portion should be not just caloric, but nutritious. Do not forget to include in your diet yoghurt, fruit, nuts and necessary fats.

Regardless of why you need a set of weight, add a few pounds will help frequent meals and snacks.

Try to eat five to six times a day, each meal, or at least three meals should contain proteins, carbohydrates, vegetable or vegetable elements and fats. Such a set, for example, is contained in a sandwich of whole-rye bread with Turkey, mayonnaise and tomato, for the complete set of» complete the sandwich fruit cocktail. The correct choice of products and frequent meal per week, you can gain almost a pound.


Muscle building

Athletes seeking to increase in the amount of muscle mass, along with the exercises recommended to eat foods rich in calories and nutrients.

Immediately after the training nutritionists recommend to eat a protein bar, drink fat-free chocolate milk or protein shake. Bedtime should also enjoy a cocktail with two spoons of whey protein. Frequent snacking need even those who are not seeking to increase muscle mass, they saturate the body, help to maintain or gain weight, depending on the goals you set.


Restoration of weight after illness

Sudden weight loss is often associated with various diseases, because the disease often accompanied by loss of appetite. During the illness is difficult to digest nutritious and high-calorie food, therefore, to return to normal mode power it is necessary to enrich the diet of fruit or vegetable cocktails, eggs, soft products and a variety of puree. These dishes are easy to make, easy to digest and rich in essential vitamins and nutrients. In addition to these courses should pay special attention to food rich in protein.

Protein is an essential element in the recovery after an illness. For saturation of the body with protein, eat lean meat, fish, chicken, dairy products, eggs, legumes and whole grains. With a weak immune system should be avoided dishes with raw fish.


How to increase appetite

There are a number of tricks to stimulate the appetite. The easiest way to want a «get» appetite, just go for a walk before a meal. If you are not hungry, don’t force yourself to eat what you want, choose the dishes you like.

Food flavored spices and herbs, looks more appetizing. Liquids, including water, quickly fill the stomach, so you should not drink food, drinks is better to eat separately. The sweet taste of fruit helps to awaken the appetite, make a cocktail of chopped fruit in the blender, this drink is very useful and easily digested.


Products that help you gain weight

Food containing vegetable fats rich in calories and nutrients. Useful vegetable fats in nuts, peanuts, seeds, coconut oil, almond oil, avocado, хумусе and oils. Animal fats are also rich in calories as vegetable fat, but do not forget that in animal fats contain saturated fats, provoking increasing the level of «bad» cholesterol. To set weight did not lead to cardiovascular disease, stick to the diet, based on vegetable fats with a small amount of low-fat dairy products and lean meat. The normal level of cholesterol in the body of calories you can «get»to include in the diet of dairy fat increased. Cheese, fruits and whole-grain crackers saturate the body with protein, calcium, vitamin D, and the necessary amount of calories.

Those who would like to gain weight instead of water nutritionists recommend to drink calorie fruit juices, added to the salad mayonnaise or sour cream oily.

Don’t forget about nuts. Nuts can be added to soups, salads, cereals, puddings and desserts. Nuts are rich in protein, fiber, essential fats and calories. Muesli with nuts and dried fruit, dressed with natural yoghurt is an excellent source of nutrients and proteins.

You should not completely exclude from a diet of fried food, most importantly, fry in vegetable oil.

Fans of fast food is better to opt for a simple pizza and sandwiches with low-fat meat.

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