For women hands her the second person. Not enough to have beautiful smooth skin. You also need to take care of the nails. To keep your nails in perfect condition, a little each month to do a manicure in the salon. The woman must do everything possible to ensure that your nails stay beautiful and well-groomed even after work at their summer cottage.
Маникюр на руках в домашней обстановке.4
To bring the nails in order, a woman must first begin to eat. It is advisable to include in your diet as many fish products. Thus, the body will better retain nutrients, which subsequently has a positive impact on the growth of nails. Special attention should be given to products with gelatin. This can be a marmalade or jelly.

Consumption of vitamin a – important fact in the process of growth and strengthening of the nail plate. Today a huge amount of vitamin complexes can be booked in the online shops, or purchased at the pharmacy. Spring is the time to update your wardrobe. Especially popular are the online clothing store. Here you can buy clothes at the lowest prices, I received my order in just a few days.
Ухаживаем за руками дома3
Lead nails will help dairy products and dried fruits. If for any reason a woman or girl does not like dried fruit, one to make a decoction and drink it in small portions during the day.

Excellent means of nail care is a bath of iodine. To prepare such a dish will need warm sunflower oil and a few drops of iodine. The maximum duration of the bath is not more than fifteen minutes.
Свадебный маникюр дома
Similar bath is done and on the basis of lemon juice. Instead of iodine in oil is added a few drops of lemon juice, after which the fingers are lowered into the bath for ten minutes.

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