как избавиться от пигментных пятенOften in women under the age of forty years, on the face spots appear. Spots can be brown in color and different sizes. To hide their women very often use against dark circles under the eyes, but in spite of this spot is becoming more and more visible. Every year the number of people willing to get rid of age spots in a clinical setting increases.

What you should know about the procedure for removal of age spots? First of all, you need to determine their type.


Types of pigmented spots

  • The first type: dark or different shades of stain – disease pigmented character or medically speaking hyperpigmentation. These spots do not pose a threat.
  • Spots of the second type can deform or be fatal, particularly if we are talking about cancer of the skin, such as spinocellular and basal cell carcinoma.

Before you remove the stain, the dermatologist should identify malignant or benign his origin. To dermatologists often treat patients with the request to determine what kind they spot and can it develop into cancer. The doctor warns that the wrong method of treatment spots may delay the diagnosis of cancer and lead to catastrophic consequences.


Two types of benign spots

Cosmetic treatment are two types of benign brown spots:

  • The first type is the solar freckles, they are the same age spots, sun spots or lentigines”. This group of cells containing a high concentration of melanin. These spots did not convex, beige, brown or black color, size, sometimes up to two inches in diameter.
  • The second type combines seborrheic keratoses, i.e. brown warts or aging spots. They are convex mostly brown, but sometimes there are white (wax) or black. They seem as if glued to the face. Sometimes these two types are combined.


Treatment of benign spots

как избавиться от пигментных пятенHow to treat these spots? Many cosmetic companies are engaged in the production of creams. Prices for cream range from 5 to 650 dollars. Such creams contain mainly hydroquinone (bleaching component), retinol or vegetable ingredients, such as soy. Cream with a stronger concentration of these substances dispensed only by prescription of a dermatologist.

For the treatment spots on the skin have resorted to the use of liquid nitrogen. Liquid of ultracold nitrogen (-S) freezes freckles and keratoses, which are then transformed into a crust and fall off. In some patients there is discoloration of the skin (the skin becomes bright and does not correspond to the natural tone). This way of getting rid of seborrheic keratosis is more common, besides this low-cost procedure. During the procedure of getting rid of spots using liquid nitrogen, the patient feels cold and a slight tingling at the site of spots formed a crust, which heals within seven days and no longer. The skin on this place while still pink, and then restores natural color, leaving no scar.

Freckles can be removed with lasers, rays of different lengths. Some experts prefer the impulsive laser. During this procedure the patient to feel some tingling in one microsecond. During the day the skin that has undergone the procedure are red, then darker and peel. Five days later the spots disappear without leaving scars. This procedure must be done by a dermatologist, nurse, or qualified technician, otherwise the possible risk of burns or permanent scars.

как избавиться от пигментных пятенThe next technology that is used in the treatment of skin spots, is called intense pulsed light. While the laser projects a beam of the same length, the machine intense pulsed light projecting beams of different lengths that are absorbed by the color pigments of the skin, thereby destroying the data pigments. The so-called “rejuvenation” is mainly used for whitening of the skin for three to five sessions with an interval of one month. This procedure costs about 250-450 dollars and must be performed by a qualified technician.



Don’t forget about sun care products with protection SPF 50 and to apply them regularly before going out on the street. And among the most effective cosmetic products to remove age spots include the following:

  • corrective face cream with vitamin a “Positively Radiant” from Aveno;
  • concentrated night cream “ProEven” from Vichy;
  • brightening and sun cream UV SPF 50+ from Fresh;
  • improving skin complexion cream Regenerist Luminous” from Olay;
  • moisturizing cream White Shiso BB and serum “The Body Shop”;
  • serum Smart Custom-Repair” companies Clinique;
  • revitalizing anti-aging cream for the skin around the eyes отLa Roche-Posay;
  • concealer Exceptionnelle Jeunesse White Botanical from Yves Rocher.

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